20 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

Personal pronouns are a key part of any language, allowing us to refer to people, places, and things with ease. In English, many types of personal pronouns can be used in different ways depending on the context. This article will provide 50 examples of personal pronouns used in sentences.

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20 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences:

  1. He weighs a bushel of corn and compares it to his own.
  2. We now call a religion false, but it was once true.
  3. We learn to go safely by falling.
  4. It is never too late to learn something new.
  5. It is impossible to have one’s cake and eat it as well.
  6. We never forget what we learn with pleasure.
  7. We learn to cause harm by doing nothing.
  8. She kneaded the muscles in his back gently.
  9. When we get to the bridge, let’s cross it.
  10. You learn to write by writing.
  11. Don’t say anything until you‘re out of the woods.
  12. It is simple to prophesy after an event has occurred.
  13. We can’t get past danger if it doesn’t exist.
  14. It’s simple to do what we want.
  15. We see all of love’s flaws when it fails.
  16. He is wise and trustworthy.
  17. She is always engrossed in a book.
  18. Before you sell the bear’s skin, catch him.
  19. Whoever does not inquire learns nothing.
  20. If you grasp the nettle, it will not sting you.

20 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

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