20 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

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Participial adjectives are an important part of the English language. They are derived from verbs but act like adjectives by adding detail and description to a sentence. In this article, you will find 100 examples of participial adjectives in sentences. Through these examples, readers will learn how to identify participles and use them correctly in their writing.

What are Participial Adjectives?

Participial adjectives, also known as participles, are adjectives that are formed from verbs and are used to modify nouns or pronouns. They can be formed from both regular and irregular verbs and can end in -ed, -en, -t, or -ing.

Here are some examples of participial adjectives in use:

  1. The bored student yawned during class. (bored is the past participle of the verb “bore”)
  2. The broken vase lay on the floor. (broken is the past participle of the verb “break”)
  3. The frightened child clung to her mother. (frightened is the past participle of the verb “frighten”)
  4. The confusing directions left me lost. (confusing is the present participle of the verb “confuse”)
  5. The running man caught the bus. (running is the present participle of the verb “run”)

In each of these examples, the participial adjective modifies the noun that follows it, providing additional information about its state or condition.

100 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

Here are 100 examples of participial adjectives in sentences:

  1. The screaming baby woke up the entire household.
  2. The exhausted parents collapsed on the couch after a long day.
  3. The crumpled paper was thrown away in frustration.
  4. The wrinkled clothes needed to be ironed.
  5. The mangled car was unrecognizable after the accident.
  6. The impressed boss complimented the employee’s work.
  7. The frozen lake was too slippery to walk on.
  8. The wet pavement made the tires skid.
  9. The dripping faucet kept us awake all night.
  10. The fallen leaves covered the ground in autumn.
  11. The broken zipper made it impossible to close the jacket.
  12. The shaking ground caused panic among the residents.
  13. The impressive fireworks lit up the night sky.
  14. The closed-door blocked our entry to the room.
  15. The disappointed fans left the stadium early.
  16. The disappointed crowd booed the losing team.
  17. The missed deadline caused a lot of stress.
  18. The frightened cat hid under the bed.
  19. The laughing children played tag in the park.
  20. The tired worker nodded off at their desk.
  21. The excited fans cheered and screamed at the concert.
  22. The baked cookies smelled delicious.
  23. The exhausted athlete collapsed on the ground after the race.
  24. The running water from the faucet never stopped.
  25. The bloated stomach was a sign of overeating.
  26. The impressed teacher praised the student’s essay.
  27. The annoying mosquito buzzed around our heads.
  28. The stolen car was found abandoned in a parking lot.
  29. The missing puzzle piece made it impossible to complete.
  30. The closed curtains kept the room dark.
  31. The rolling waves crashed against the shore.
  32. The shiny new car gleamed in the sun.
  33. The tired runner collapsed at the finish line.
  34. The glowing fireflies lit up the dark forest.
  35. The disappointed crowd left the concert early.
  36. The disappointed parent scolded their child.
  37. The sinking feeling in her stomach warned her of bad news.
  38. The convincing speech persuaded the audience to donate.
  39. The painted nails looked pretty and neat.
  40. The crowded streets made it difficult to walk.
  41. The convincing argument swayed the jury’s decision.
  42. The broken heart took a long time to heal.
  43. The blooming flowers were a sign of spring.
  44. The melted snow made the roads slippery.
  45. The rolling hills looked peaceful and serene.
  46. The sinking ship was abandoned by the crew.
  47. The frozen pizza was easy to prepare for dinner.
  48. The spotted dog wagged its tail happily.
  49. The disappointed child didn’t get the present they wanted.
  50. The rescued puppy wagged its tail gratefully.
  51. The embarrassed bride tripped and fell in front of everyone.
  52. The broken vase lay in pieces on the floor.
  53. The cracked phone screen was impossible to read.
  54. The splashing waves soaked our feet on the beach.
  55. The confused tourist asked for directions.
  56. The melted ice cream was too sticky to clean up.
  57. The stuffed turkey smelled delicious in the oven.
  58. The melted ice cream dripped down the cone.
  59. The laughing friends had a great time at the party.
  60. The crowded room was filled with noise and chatter.
  61. The scared child clung to their parent’s hand tightly.
  62. The painted walls looked fresh and new.
  63. The chipped paint made the room look old and worn.
  64. The amused toddler giggled at the funny cartoon.
  65. The ringing phone interrupted the meeting.
  66. The excited couple announced their engagement.
  67. The rising sun cast a warm glow over the city.
  68. The cracking thunder shook the house.
  69. The overflowing trash can smelled terrible.
  70. The amused audience laughed at the comedian’s jokes.
  71. The boiling water bubbled in the pot on the stove.
  72. The angry customer demanded a refund.
  73. The cracked sidewalk was dangerous to walk on.
  74. The broken promise caused a lot of hurt feelings.
  75. The wandering cat finally returned home.
  76. The bored student doodled on their notebook during class.
  77. The frightened child clung to her mother’s leg.
  78. The annoying mosquito bite itched for days.
  79. The excited children opened their Christmas presents.
  80. The cracked windshield needed to be replaced.
  81. The missed appointment resulted in a rescheduling.
  82. The exhausted marathon runner collapsed at the finish line.
  83. The embarrassed student blushed and looked away.
  84. The disappointed student failed the exam.
  85. The excited dog wagged its tail eagerly.
  86. The fascinated tourists took pictures of the monument.
  87. The shattered glass made a loud noise.
  88. The injured bird lay on the ground, unable to fly.
  89. The frozen lake was a popular spot for ice skating.
  90. The beaming smile on her face showed her happiness.
  91. The annoying noise kept us from sleeping.
  92. The picked flowers wilted quickly in the vase.
  93. The wounded soldier has been carried off the battlefield.
  94. The cooked steak was juicy and flavorful.
  95. The broken toy was no longer usable.
  96. The tangled wires made it difficult to connect the devices.
  97. The shivering dog was wrapped in a warm blanket.
  98. The lost hiker wandered in circles for hours.
  99. The shaking hands were a sign of nervousness.
  100. The rusted bike was no longer rideable.

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