100 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

100 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences100 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Working a full-time job can be exhausting.
  2. Students can be motivated to succeed by an inspiring teacher.
  3. The case for more nationalization is compelling.
  4. It appeared that I was the one who was comforting him.
  5. The preliminary research on Meront has proven to be very satisfying.
  6. It’s surprising how much money the bills add up to.
  7. Her husband is one of the most boring individuals I’ve ever met.
  8. His letter raises a number of puzzling issues.
  9. He has the ability to instill confidence in others.
  10. It’s all very tempting and reasonably priced.
  11. She had a second, less comforting thought.
  12. His voice had an oddly soothing quality to it.
  13. In theory, satisfying one constituency will satisfy all of them.
  14. That cake looks tempting.
  15. If you read the book in order, it will be more satisfying.
  16. There were some interesting ideas in the speech.
  17. A large number of people showed up, which was surprising.
  18. It had been one of the most exciting times of his life.
  19. It was the most exciting vacation I’ve ever experienced.
  20. He lit it instead with a long, satisfying drag.
  21. His main theory has a compelling logic to it.
  22. Picking the reformers is tempting.
  23. It was a long and tiring journey.
  24. Today’s newspaper contained an interesting story.
  25. Regrettably, none of them are completely satisfying.
  26. We’ve all had a long and tiring day; let’s retire to our beds.
  27. It’s not surprising that rumors persist.
  28. It’s a very satisfying meal.
  29. Her raunchy stories can be quite shocking at times.
  30. The book has some interesting sections.
  31. It’s a job that gives me a satisfying deal of pleasure.
  32. The house had been left in a shocking state.
  33. Her letter was depressing to read.
  34. It’s a depressing thought to consider.
  35. The coverage in the media was shocking.
  36. The book’s second half is more exciting.
  37. Am I boring you? she worriedly inquired.
  38. The entire film was engrossing to me.
  39. After all, the threatening strike did not happen.
  40. Mt. Everest’s intimidating bulk rose up in front of the climbers.
  41. Locke’s comments are equally perplexing.
  42. The changes were not surprising at all.
  43. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there.
  44. Stefan tried to come up with something comforting to say.
  45. He was a colossal and intimidating figure.
  46. We were quickly tiring as we approached the peak.
  47. The food is shocking.
  48. Lucy didn’t have a compelling reason to visit the town.
  49. He responded in a surprising manner.
  50. The whole thing was depressing to me.
  51. They still appear as regrettable or puzzling distractions in this context.
  52. I have some very exciting news to share with you.
  53. Has he been boring you with his China anecdotes?
  54. He drew his pupils’ attention to the exciting news.
  55. The novel demonstrates a surprising lack of creativity.
  56. There’s no compelling reason to believe he’s telling the truth.
  57. It’s shocking how many students these days can’t spell.
  58. These high yields can be tempting, but they’re also risky.
  59. His inaugural address was extremely inspiring.
  60. Illegal hunting is threatening the species’ survival in jeopardy.
  61. The government has threatened to take harsh measures.
  62. Seeing the lights of home was comforting.
  63. Scientists are baffled by the findings of the drug’s research.
  64. Working with them was the most satisfying aspect of our job.
  65. That pie looks tempting.
  66. It can be tiring to look after preschoolers.
  67. It’s interesting to compare and contrast their situation with ours.
  68. She has a gift for inspiring confidence in others.
  69. He claimed he was comforting her.
  70. These are all tempting reasons for the decline in fertility.
  71. It takes a lot of effort to row for a tiring period of time.
  72. It eventually became too tiring.
  73. She has penned a sprawling and engrossing family saga.
  74. Tomorrow night, listen to the next exciting episode.
  75. The visual impact is profoundly inspiring.
  76. A threatening growl came from the dog.
  77. He’s exciting. In fact, he’s a fairly ordinary guy.
  78. Her articles are interesting to read for travelers.
  79. The laundromat is a depressing downer.
  80. She’s tiring herself out more frequently these days.
  81. His lack of understanding is surprising.
  82. She enjoyed shocking her parents.
  83. The state of the path was shocking.
  84. Have you planned anything exciting for this weekend?
  85. after a long and exhausting day
  86. Knowing that the project was a success is extremely satisfying.
  87. With a satisfying crunch, his spade cleaved the firm sand.
  88. The property is in shocking condition.
  89. It’s mindless and tiring work.
  90. I despise this boring job!
  91. It’s a pretty compelling reason to go.
  92. Thank you for being such an inspiring instructor.
  93. Harry drifted off to sleep with this reassuring thought.
  94. He appears to take pleasure in shocking people.
  95. The farm work was satisfying but rewarding.
  96. His comments were shocking, to the point of being unrepeatable.
  97. Ironing isn’t exactly inspiring.
  98. He was a boring annoyance! I’m relieved to have him gone.
  99. Your interesting report raises a number of important questions.
  100. The work is extremely tiring.
  101. It’s satisfying to perform well in a game.
  102. Growing your own vegetables is a very satisfying experience.
  103. He made the programme both understandable and tempting.
  104. The whole thing was extremely depressing.
  105. These days, looking for work can be a very depressing experience.
  106. In the winter, everything appears to be grey and depressing.
  107. He’d earned a dreadful reputation for intimidating others.
  108. The look of rage on his face was shocking.
  109. Shelley’s prose is inspired and inspiring in equal measure.
  110. She said something surprising to me.
  111. His writing is always clear and compelling.
  112. Brewer is an interesting individual.
  113. The film alternates between being depressing and amusing.
  114. Criminal lawyers find them intimidating.
  115. It’s exciting to find traces of previous civilizations.
  116. Their soups are also tempting.
  117. It’s shocking that children were involved in the crime.
  118. Wasn’t that an interesting read?
  119. She was one of the most inspiring individuals I’d ever met.
  120. Tinkering is far less satisfying than total design.
  121. The lawyer for Cawley’s ex-husband sent her an intimidating letter.
  122. The mordant comedy in the play is compelling to watch.
  123. His journey around the world made for an interesting story.
  124. None of the leaders appear to be particularly inspiring.
  125. The park is a depressing monochrome brown in the winter.
  126. The book isn’t particularly inspiring.
  127. These insects can be caught by tempting them into a trap.
  128. His rapid rise up the social ladder was surprising.
  129. Paul had had enough of his drab, depressing existence.
  130. Did she say anything interesting to you?
  131. Have you visited any interesting places?
  132. Every boring hour in life is different.
  133. It was tiring at first, but I soon got used to it.
  134. This weather is so depressing to me.
  135. It was enlightening and puzzling all at once.