50 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences! Participial adjectives are one of the most powerful tools for crafting effective written and spoken language. They can be used to add detail and precision to sentences, providing readers with a vivid image or insight into the speaker’s thoughts. In this article, we’ll cover 50 examples of participial adjectives in sentences so that you can better understand this important part of grammar.

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50 Examples of Participial Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Participial Adjectives

  1. His gaze was strangely compelling.
  2. It was a very depressing experience for us.
  3. Nothing beats the warmth of a crackling log fire.
  4. With a satisfying click, it closed.
  5. Martial music is always inspiring to listen to.
  6. Alice Munro has a reputation for being a depressing author.
  7. I’m not boring you, am I?
  8. This country is in desperate need of dynamic and inspiring leadership!
  9. When she’s angry, she can be quite intimidating.
  10. His voice was strangely soothing to her.
  11. Snake enchantment is always enthralling and, at times, perplexing.
  12. The sight of an erupting volcano was breathtaking.
  13. What an exciting prospect.
  14. It’s tempting to believe that.
  15. It was reassuring to know that her father had not suffered.
  16. The situation had taken on a threatening tone.
  17. The plot of the film was exciting.
  18. It’s surprising that he’d make such a blunder.
  19. It’s interesting to compare and contrast the two authors.
  20. It was all so depressing, futile, and sad.
  21. We had to leave just as the movie was getting exciting.
  22. This is a very puzzling situation.
  23. For children, this type of questioning can be very intimidating.
  24. There are no compelling reasons for me to decline.
  25. His most recent works are perhaps the most puzzling.
  26. We shared a surprising amount of interests.
  27. Interviews can be intimidating for some people.
  28. He’d be inspiring young people to get involved in politics.
  29. He is a boring individual.
  30. The most exciting news was blaring from the headlines.
  31. Even the most boring periods of one’s life are limited.
  32. The spelling of English is frequently puzzling.
  33. What a shocking situation!
  34. His writing style has become boring and out of date.
  35. With mystifying certainty, the thing was shown.
  36. Were there any exciting events on your journey?
  37. That pie looks tempting.
  38. The competition was far too one-sided to be exciting.
  39. His life is a compelling story.
  40. The work was exhausting and time-tiring.
  41. In the article, she made several interesting points.
  42. On a cold winter day, hot soup is very comforting.
  43. It was a shocking blow to hear the news.
  44. I had the impression she found me boring and uninteresting.
  45. It was interesting to be in a different setting.
  46. It’s a puzzling film.
  47. It’s all too tempting to believe her.
  48. Knowing that you’ll be there is comforting.
  49. That is an interesting point.
  50. Shopping can be extremely tiring.

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