100 Examples of Distributive Adjectives in Sentences

100 Examples of Distributive Adjectives in Sentences! Distributive adjectives can be a tricky part of the English language to master. They are words used to describe a single item or person within a group. In this article, we provide 100 examples of distributive adjectives in sentences so that readers can better understand how they work.

What are the Distributive Adjectives?

Distributive adjectives are adjectives that describe individual members or units of a group or a collection. They are used to refer to each individual thing or person within a larger group or collection, rather than to the group as a whole.

Examples of distributive adjectives include:

  • Each: Each student received a prize.
  • Every: Every house on the street has a garden.
  • Either: Either choice would be fine with me.
  • Neither: Neither option is very appealing.
  • Any: Do you have any questions?
  • Both: Both of you should attend the meeting.

These adjectives can be used with singular or plural nouns, and are often used with the indefinite article “a” or “an”. They can also be used with other determiners, such as “this”, “that”, “these”, and “those”.

100 Examples of Distributive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Neither of them knew what to do with the extra money they found.
  2. Neither parent was pleased with their child’s behavior at the party.
  3. Both of my parents are avid travelers.
  4. Anybody who is interested in this course must register with the office first.
  5. Either of you can take out the trash tonight.
  6. Do you have any questions about the assignment?
  7. Neither of my friends was able to make it to the movie last night.
  8. Each song on the album tells a unique story.
  9. Both of my cousins are going to the same college this fall.
  10. Both of my children are interested in music.
  11. Every student has to submit their essay by Friday.
  12. Each chapter in the book is more exciting than the last.
  13. Every student was required to attend the lecture on campus safety.
  14. Do you have any doubts about the decision we made?
  15. Neither parent was happy about the outcome of the game.
  16. Either we take action now, or we risk losing everything.
  17. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?
  18. Both sisters are equally talented singers.
  19. Anybody who wants to go on a hike should bring their own supplies.
  20. Either of these books would be a great choice for your book club.
  21. Either of them could be chosen as the class president this year.
  22. Both of my children love to read books.
  23. Anybody who wants to join the club needs to fill out an application form first.
  24. Do you have any suggestions for the party menu?
  25. Both teams played hard in the championship game.
  26. Do you have any preferences for the restaurant tonight?
  27. Every student in the class had their own unique idea for the project.
  28. Either the red or the blue shirt will match your jeans.
  29. Each person in the group has a different skill set.
  30. Either of us can pick up the groceries on our way home tonight.
  31. Each of my siblings made the honor roll this year.
  32. Each student submitted their project on time and did well on the assignment.
  33. Anybody who wants to go on a hike needs to bring their own supplies.
  34. Neither of the options seems appealing to me.
  35. Both teams were well-prepared for the big game.
  36. Both of my grandparents love to garden.
  37. Neither of them wanted to go to the party.
  38. Neither of us wants to go to the dentist.
  39. Every member of this club must pay dues in order to participate.
  40. Neither of us has the answer to this problem.
  41. Each house in the neighborhood has a different color scheme on its exterior walls.
  42. Each section of the report covers a different topic.
  43. Every morning, I go for a run before starting my workday.
  44. You can choose either the chicken or the fish for dinner.
  45. Neither of the options seemed like the right choice at the time.
  46. Neither of us has seen this movie before.
  47. Every dog has its day.
  48. Either of the options for dinner sound delicious.
  49. Neither of us had any idea what to do next.
  50. Every student in the class is required to submit a term paper.
  51. Every time I visit New York, I discover something new.
  52. Each student in the class received a participation certificate.
  53. Neither of the options seems ideal to me.
  54. Neither of us expected to win first place in the tournament.
  55. Anybody who wants to take part in this competition needs to register first.
  56. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.
  57. Each of my friends got a special gift on their birthday.
  58. Both of my sisters are accomplished athletes.
  59. Neither John nor Sally wanted to pick up the tab for dinner.
  60. Both of my grandparents are retired.
  61. Anybody who wants to join this team must sign up by the end of the week.
  62. Do you have any objections to the proposed plan?
  63. Neither professor was able to answer the student’s question.
  64. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  65. Anybody who wants to join the book club should come to our next meeting.
  66. Both of the candidates have strong opinions about the issue at hand.
  67. Neither of the candidates was a credible choice for the job.
  68. Each customer receives a complimentary dessert.
  69. Anybody who wants to audition for the play must come prepared with a monologue.
  70. Either you wear a coat, or you risk getting cold outside.
  71. Both of us has been invited to the wedding next month.
  72. Both teams were evenly matched in yesterday’s game.
  73. Each participant got a certificate at the end of the course.
  74. Neither the red nor the blue tie matches your suit.
  75. Each student was given a grade based on their performance in class.
  76. Either the red or the blue car will be fine for me.
  77. Either of these books looks interesting enough to read.
  78. Do you have any concerns about the project deadline?
  79. Both of my brothers chose to go to different colleges after high school.
  80. Every dollar counts when you’re saving for a trip.
  81. Both of us need to finish our homework by tomorrow.
  82. Every member of the family is expected to contribute to the household chores.
  83. Anybody who is interested in joining the club must fill out an application first.
  84. Each episode of the show is more intense than the last.
  85. Neither of them wanted to go to the party without their friends.
  86. Both of my parents are doctors.
  87. Each of the players got a trophy for winning the tournament.
  88. Either you come with us, or you stay here alone.
  89. Both of my brothers graduated with honors from their respective universities.
  90. Anybody who is looking for a summer job should start applying soon.
  91. Every success is a result of hard work and perseverance.
  92. Both of us have been invited to the wedding next month.
  93. Neither of the choices seems right for me.
  94. Anybody who wants dessert needs to order it now.
  95. Each player on the team has a specific role to play.
  96. Each of the contestants gave a fantastic performance.
  97. Every student was required to write a paper for their final exam.
  98. Do you have any spare change for the parking meter?
  99. Both of the sisters went to the same college together.
  100. Either the movie or the concert would be a great date idea.

100 Examples of Distributive Adjectives in Sentences


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