20 Sentences in Past Perfect Tense

A past perfect tense is a grammatical tool that allows us to describe events that have already happened in the past. It is used to make sure the timeline of events is clear and precise. With this article, we will provide you with 20 sentences written in the past perfect tense so you can become familiar with it and use it effectively in your own writing.

20 Sentences in Past Perfect Tense

  1. The students had studied the material before taking the quiz.
  2. She had folded the laundry before putting it away.
  3. They had exchanged phone numbers before parting ways.
  4. The chef had prepared the ingredients before starting to cook.
  5. The photographer had scouted locations before the photoshoot.
  6. Before the party, she had created a playlist of her favorite songs.
  7. He had canceled his magazine subscription before moving out.
  8. They had rehearsed their lines before going on stage.
  9. He had eaten breakfast before he left for work.
  10. She had read the book before she saw the movie.
  11. They had visited the museum before they went to the park.
  12. We had cleaned the house before our guests arrived.
  13. He had already bought the tickets before I reminded him.
  14. She had studied for the exam before she took it.
  15. I had lived in New York for three years before I moved to California.
  16. He had worked at the company for five years before he quit.
  17. She had saved enough money before she bought the car.
  18. They had known each other for a long time before they got married.
  19. We had been friends since childhood before we lost touch.
  20. He had already seen the movie before I recommended it.

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20 sentences in past perfect tense


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