Top 30 Words Related to Wish

The concept of “wish” taps into our desires, hopes, and aspirations. Whether it’s a wish for good luck, a dream to be fulfilled, or a simple sentiment for happiness, the word “wish” embodies a broad spectrum of human emotions and intentions.

Words Related to Wish

Here are the top 30 terms related to “wish” with meanings:

  1. Desire: A strong feeling of wanting something.
  2. Hope: The expectation and longing for a certain thing to happen.
  3. Dream: A cherished aspiration or ambition.
  4. Aspiration: A strong desire to achieve something high or great.
  5. Yearn: To long intensely for something or someone.
  6. Covet: To want something strongly, often something belonging to someone else.
  7. Want: A lack or absence of something needed or desired.
  8. Crave: To desire intensely.
  9. Longing: A strong and persistent wish or feeling.
  10. Fantasy: An imagined sequence fulfilling a psychological need.
  11. Pray: To ask earnestly for something, often from a deity.
  12. Aim: An intended outcome or goal.
  13. Intention: A plan to perform an action.
  14. Goal: A specific achievement one strives for.
  15. Objective: A clear, measurable aim or goal.
  16. Ambition: An eager desire for distinction, power, or fame.
  17. Quest: A long and arduous search for something.
  18. Need: Something required or essential.
  19. Motive: A reason for doing something.
  20. Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire.
  21. Impulse: A sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire.
  22. Whim: A sudden desire or change of mind.
  23. Urge: A strong need or impulse.
  24. Pine: To yearn deeply; to suffer with longing.
  25. Lust: A strong sexual desire.
  26. Inclination: A person’s natural tendency or urge.
  27. Willingness: Readiness to do something willingly.
  28. Passion: An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
  29. Fancy: To feel a desire or liking for.
  30. Thirst: A strong desire for something.

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