Top 30 Words Related to Village

A village is a small community or group of houses in a rural area, often with a few essential services but less developed than a town or city. It serves as a microcosm of society with its unique traditions, relationships, and economy. Here are terms that provide insight into village life.

Words Related to Village

Here are the top 30 terms related to Village with meanings:

  1. Hamlet: A small settlement, generally smaller than a village
  2. Countryside: The rural area around a village
  3. Community: A group of people living together in one place
  4. Local: Relating to a particular area, especially a neighborhood
  5. Rural: Pertaining to the countryside rather than the city
  6. Agriculture: The practice of farming and livestock raising
  7. Tradition: Customary practices passed down through generations
  8. Township: An area of land within which a village may exist
  9. Green: Open public space often found in villages
  10. Farmstead: The buildings and land of a farm
  11. Market: A place where goods are bought and sold
  12. Elders: Older, influential members of a community
  13. Inn: A place offering lodging and often food and drink
  14. Parish: A religious community, often rural, with its own church
  15. Commons: Shared land within a village community
  16. Cottage: A small, often cozy, house in a rural area
  17. Artisan: A worker skilled in a craft
  18. Well: A hole drilled to obtain water
  19. Village Square: Central area where community events are held
  20. Homestead: A house and its surrounding property
  21. Festival: A public celebration, often based on tradition
  22. Blacksmith: A person who works with iron and metal
  23. Pond: Small body of water, often in a village setting
  24. Orchard: Area of land used for growing fruit trees
  25. Chapel: A small place of Christian worship
  26. Meadow: A field with wildflowers and grass
  27. Bakery: Place where bread and other baked goods are made
  28. Mill: Building housing machinery for grinding grain
  29. Hedgerow: A fence or boundary formed by a dense row of shrubs
  30. Shepherd: One who tends to and guards flocks of sheep

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