Top 30 Words Related to Agriculture

Agriculture, the backbone of numerous economies, is an intricate domain with a unique lexicon. Understanding these pivotal terms can provide insights into the world of farming and cultivation. Here are the top 30 words related to agriculture and their succinct definitions.

Words Related to Agriculture

Here are the top 30 terms related to agriculture with meanings:

  1. Farming: The practice of cultivating land and raising livestock.
  2. Cultivation: Preparing and using land for crops.
  3. Harvest: The process of gathering mature crops from fields.
  4. Irrigation: Supplying water to land to assist in crop growth.
  5. Fertilizer: Substance added to soil to enhance plant growth.
  6. Pesticide: Chemicals used to kill pests affecting crops.
  7. Crop rotation: Alternating crops in a field to improve soil health.
  8. Tillage: The act of preparing soil for planting.
  9. Horticulture: Art and practice of garden cultivation and management.
  10. Livestock: Domesticated animals raised for agriculture.
  11. Agronomy: Science of soil management and crop production.
  12. Organic: Farming without synthetic chemicals or GMOs.
  13. Yield: The amount of crop produced per unit area.
  14. Aquaculture: Rearing of aquatic animals or cultivation of aquatic plants.
  15. Plough: Tool or machine to turn and break up soil.
  16. Pasture: Land where livestock graze.
  17. Silage: Fermented fodder for livestock.
  18. Greenhouse: Structure with a controlled environment for growing plants.
  19. Soil: The top layer of the earth where plants grow.
  20. Hydroponics: Growing plants in nutrient solutions, without soil.
  21. Biotechnology: Use of living organisms to improve agriculture.
  22. Sustainable: Farming that meets present needs without harming future generations.
  23. Agroforestry: Combining crops and trees in a unified system.
  24. Herbicide: Substance that kills unwanted plants.
  25. Monoculture: Cultivation of a single crop over an extended area.
  26. Poultry: Domesticated birds are kept for eggs or meat.
  27. Transgenic: Organisms with genes from other species.
  28. Mulch: Material placed over soil to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.
  29. Subsistence farming: Growing just enough food to meet personal needs.
  30. Terracing: Creating flat platforms in hilly or mountainous terrain for farming.

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