Top 30 Words Related to Tsunami

Understanding tsunamis can be crucial for both educational and emergency preparedness purposes. Knowing the related terminology helps in grasping the nature, causes, and impacts of these natural disasters.

Words Related to Tsunami

Here are the top 30 terms related to Tsunami with meanings:

  1. Seismic: Pertaining to earthquakes, often the cause of tsunamis.
  2. Tidal Wave: A large ocean wave, often confused with tsunamis.
  3. Aftershock: A smaller earthquake following a larger one.
  4. Epicenter: The point on Earth’s surface directly above an earthquake.
  5. Magnitude: A measure of the energy released during an earthquake.
  6. Richter Scale: A scale used to measure earthquake magnitude.
  7. Wave Amplitude: The height of a wave from its midpoint.
  8. Tectonic Plates: Earth’s crustal pieces whose movement causes earthquakes.
  9. Subduction Zone: Where one tectonic plate moves under another.
  10. Displacement: Movement of water due to seismic activity.
  11. Tsunami Warning: Alert issued to prepare for an incoming tsunami.
  12. Coastline: The boundary between land and ocean, often affected by tsunamis.
  13. Inundation: Flooding caused by the arrival of water.
  14. Evacuation: The act of moving people from a danger zone.
  15. Crest: The highest point of a wave.
  16. Trough: The lowest point between waves.
  17. Wave Length: The distance between successive wave crests.
  18. Oceanography: The study of oceans, including wave behavior.
  19. Beach Erosion: Removal of beach material due to waves.
  20. Casualty: A person injured or killed in a disaster.
  21. Seawall: A barrier constructed to prevent sea incursions.
  22. Buoy: A floating device that can measure sea changes.
  23. Surge: A strong, wavelike forward movement, usually of water.
  24. Hazard Assessment: Evaluation of risks related to natural disasters.
  25. Landslide: Earth material sliding down a slope, can trigger tsunamis.
  26. Siren: A device that produces loud noises for warnings.
  27. Preparedness: Measures taken to minimize disaster impact.
  28. Floodplain: An area likely to be inundated by floodwaters.
  29. Resilience: Ability to recover quickly from difficulties.
  30. Mitigation: Efforts to reduce the severity of disasters.

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