Top 30 Words Related to Toaster

A toaster is a small kitchen appliance used for toasting bread. It’s a staple in many households and comes in various shapes and sizes. Learning the vocabulary related to toasters can help you understand the features and functions of this handy appliance.

Words Related to Toaster

Here are the top 30 terms related to toaster with meanings:

  1. Slots: The openings where bread is inserted for toasting.
  2. Crumb Tray: The tray that collects crumbs from the bread.
  3. Browning Control: A knob for adjusting toast darkness.
  4. Lever: The handle used to lower or raise the bread.
  5. Heating Element: The wire that heats up to toast the bread.
  6. Defrost: A function to thaw frozen items before toasting.
  7. Reheat: A setting for warming previously toasted items.
  8. Cancel: A button to immediately stop the toasting process.
  9. Bagel Setting: A mode for toasting only one side of a bagel.
  10. Toasting Time: The duration required for the toast to be ready.
  11. Cord: The electrical wire that powers the toaster.
  12. Plug: The part inserted into an electrical outlet.
  13. Voltage: Electrical force measured in volts.
  14. Wattage: Power consumption of the toaster.
  15. Appliance: A device designed to perform a specific task.
  16. Kitchenware: Items used in the kitchen, including toasters.
  17. Pop-up: Describes how the toast is ejected.
  18. Conveyor Toaster: A toaster for high-volume toasting.
  19. Cool-Touch: Exterior remains cool while the toaster is in use.
  20. Compact: Small in size, suitable for limited spaces.
  21. Durability: How long the toaster is expected to last.
  22. Warranty: A guarantee of repair or replacement.
  23. Indicator Light: Light showing the toaster is on or ready.
  24. Automatic Shut-off: Safety feature to turn off the toaster.
  25. Two-Slice: A toaster with two slots for bread.
  26. Four-Slice: A toaster with four slots for bread.
  27. High Lift: A feature for easily removing smaller items.
  28. Energy Efficient: Uses less power to perform its tasks.
  29. Stainless Steel: Common material used for toaster exterior.
  30. Digital Display: Screen showing toasting settings or time.

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