Top 30 Words Related to Vaccine

Vaccines are biological preparations that help the immune system fight off infectious diseases. They have revolutionized public health, reducing or eradicating various ailments. Understanding the terminology related to vaccines can help deepen your knowledge about this crucial medical intervention.

Words Related to Vaccine

Here are the top 30 terms related to Vaccine with meanings:

  1. Immunization: The process of making someone immune to a disease.
  2. Inoculation: Introducing a vaccine to produce immunity.
  3. Antigen: A substance that provokes an immune response.
  4. Efficacy: The ability to produce the desired effect, often immunity.
  5. Dose: A specific quantity of vaccine administered.
  6. Booster: An additional dose to maintain or increase immunity.
  7. Adjuvant: A substance added to increase vaccine effectiveness.
  8. Side Effects: Unintended reactions following vaccination.
  9. Herd Immunity: When enough people are immune to protect the community.
  10. Pathogen: An organism causing disease, often targeted by vaccines.
  11. Virology: The study of viruses and viral diseases.
  12. Serum: The liquid component of blood, used in some vaccines.
  13. Epidemic: A sudden increase in cases of a disease in a community.
  14. Pandemic: A global outbreak of a disease.
  15. Contraindication: A reason not to receive a specific vaccine.
  16. FDA: The Agency that approves and monitors vaccines in the U.S.
  17. Live Vaccine: Contains a weakened form of the virus or bacteria.
  18. Inactive Vaccine: Uses a killed or inactivated form of the pathogen.
  19. Outbreak: The occurrence of a disease in greater numbers than expected.
  20. Syringe: An instrument used to administer vaccines.
  21. Quarantine: Isolation to prevent the spread of disease.
  22. Preventive: Intended to stop a disease from occurring.
  23. Clinical Trials: Tests of a new vaccine on human volunteers.
  24. Public Health: The science of protecting and improving community health.
  25. Autoimmune: Related to an immune response against the body’s own cells.
  26. Vaccine Schedule: The timing of vaccine doses for optimal effect.
  27. Toxicity: The degree to which a substance can harm humans.
  28. Placebo: A non-active substance used in controlled trials.
  29. Antibody: A protein produced in response to an antigen.
  30. Resistance: The reduced impact of a vaccine over time.

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