10 Short & Funny Valentine Poems for Granddaughter

“Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts; it’s for cherishing all the love in our lives. Here are 10 short and funny poems dedicated to our delightful granddaughters, capturing the giggles, memories, and heart-warming moments we share. Dive in for some light-hearted love!”

Funny Valentine Poems for Granddaughter

1. Sneaky Chocolate Thief

Sometimes granddaughters have a sneaky way of dipping into our Valentine’s chocolates. This poem is a nod to those playful little heists.

When I opened my box of delight,

I noticed a piece went out of sight.

Who could the sneaky thief be?

Ah, my dear, it was you, giggling with glee!


Every time I turned around,

Another chocolate was nowhere to be found.

With chocolate smeared on your face,

You’re the sweetest thief, full of grace!


Granddaughter, on this Valentine’s Day,

In my heart, you’ll forever stay.

With or without the chocolates you take,

You’re the sweetest gift, make no mistake!

2. Tickles and Giggles

Nothing beats the tickling sessions with our granddaughters. Here’s a poem to celebrate those moments.

Tickle fights on Valentine’s Day,

Laughter and giggles, come what may.

Granddaughter, you’re a burst of joy,

Like a child with a brand-new toy.


Your laughter, so contagious and sweet,

Makes my heart skip a happy beat.

With every giggle and every wriggle,

You light up my life with a delightful jiggle.


Valentine’s Day, with candy and cards,

With you, it’s laughter, no holds barred.

In the world of tickles, you’re the queen,

With giggles that are the sweetest I’ve ever seen!

3. Heart-shaped Pancakes

Breakfast surprises on Valentine’s Day are memorable, especially with granddaughters around.

I tried making heart-shaped pancakes,

But they looked more like funny snowflakes.

Your giggle echoed, eyes full of fun,

“Nice try, Grandpa, but it’s not yet done!”


You took the spatula, gave it a whirl,

Into a heart, the batter did twirl.

“See, it’s easy!” you said with pride,

With you, every day is a joyous ride.


This Valentine’s morning, with you so near,

I learned pancake art, amidst cheer.

Though mine weren’t perfect, to you they were great,

Because love, not shape, fills our plate.

4. Teddy Bear Dance

Teddy bears and granddaughters share special Valentine dances. This poem captures that magical moment.

On Valentine’s, you held your bear tight,

Dancing around, pure delight in sight.

Twirling and spinning, you both took the floor,

My heart watching, could only adore.


Teddy’s paws in your little hands,

Together you danced to imaginary bands.

A waltz, a tango, a jive so neat,

With your fluffy partner, you skipped on your feet.


“Come join us, Grandpa!” you beckoned to me,

With teddy and you, how happy we’d be.

Dancing on Valentine’s, hearts feeling light,

With my granddaughter, everything feels right.

5. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

A twist on the classic poem to celebrate the bond between a granddaughter and her grandparent on Valentine’s Day.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I tried to rhyme, just for you.

But each time I thought of a line,

It turned into a squiggly twine!


Roses are crimson, violets are cobalt,

I promise my love for you will never halt.

Yet, in rhymes, I get quite stuck,

With you laughing, saying “Oh, good luck!”


Roses are rosy, violets so true,

My rhyming’s funny, but my love’s not askew.

This Valentine’s, with a chuckle and grin,

In the game of love, we both win!

6. A Card from the Cat

Pets have their own way of sending love on Valentine’s Day, especially when granddaughters are involved.

In the morning, a card was found,

With paw prints and fur all around.

“Who’s it from?” you wondered with glee,

The cat just purred, sitting next to thee.


Inside the card, whiskers and all,

Was a scribble, barely big and small.

“Happy Valentine’s!” it seemed to say,

From our feline, in a very special way.


You laughed and hugged the furry mate,

Saying, “This is purr-fectly great!”

With every Valentine’s, one thing is clear,

Love comes in forms far and near.

7. Bubblegum Blooms

Valentine’s can also mean fun and mess with granddaughters and their bubblegum adventures.

On Valentine’s, you tried something new,

Bubblegum blowing, to name but a few.

With every attempt, bubbles did form,

Yet they popped, far from the norm.


Your face covered in gum, sticky and pink,

I couldn’t help but let out a wink.

“You look like a flower,” I said with mirth,

“The funniest bloom on this entire earth!”


You giggled and tried once more to blow,

Creating a bubble, with a radiant glow.

Though it popped and stuck in your hair,

With you, every moment’s beyond compare.

8. Cupid’s Little Helper

Granddaughters often become the little Cupids in our lives, bringing love and joy wherever they go.

With a tiny bow and a toy arrow set,

You aimed at my heart, a sure bet.

“Grandpa, I’m Cupid!” you announced with glee,

Shooting love arrows, as cute as can be.


Every shot you took, hit its mark,

Filling the room with sparks that embark.

“You’re now full of love!” you declared with pride,

With every arrow, my heart opened wide.


This Valentine’s, thanks to your playful spree,

I’m reminded of love, as vast as the sea.

With my little Cupid by my side,

Every day feels like a love-filled ride.

9. Chocolates or Hugs?

Choosing between chocolates and hugs on Valentine’s Day can be quite the conundrum with granddaughters around.

Chocolates are sweet, oh so fine,

But your hugs, dear, are purely divine.

On this day, which one to choose?

Either way, I surely can’t lose.


Each chocolate piece, rich and deep,

Promises joys, making my heart leap.

But your hugs, so warm and snug,

Feel like a comforting, love-filled tug.


So on this Valentine’s, here’s my plea,

Can I have both, from you, my tree?

For chocolates come and chocolates go,

But granddaughter’s love, forever will glow.

10. Handmade Love

There’s something uniquely precious about handmade gifts, especially when they come from our granddaughters.

You handed me a card, crinkled and torn,

With glitter and glue, and feathers well-worn.

“I made it!” you said, eyes shining bright,

For me, it was the best Valentine’s sight.


Every scribble, every line,

Spoke of love, pure and fine.

The colors may go outside the frame,

But they held love, all the same.


This Valentine’s, amidst store-bought glee,

Your handmade love stands out to me.

For in every imperfection, I clearly see,

The perfect love you have for me.

Funny Valentine Poems for Granddaughter

Short Valentine Poems for Granddaughter

1. Puzzle Pieces of Love

Every moment spent with a granddaughter fills the missing pieces of the heart’s puzzle. This poem celebrates those little moments that complete us.

Each day with you, a puzzle piece found,

In laughter and stories, love does abound.

With every shared giggle, every embrace,

You fill the missing spaces, a heart’s loving space.


Building memories, one piece at a time,

Your presence in my life, feels like a rhyme.

With you, dear granddaughter, every moment’s a prize,

Every look, every touch, a love that never lies.


On this Valentine’s, I want to convey,

You complete my heart in every way.

For the puzzle of life, with you, feels so right,

With love, joy, and endless delight.

2. Butterfly Kisses

Granddaughters bring a unique magic into our lives. Their butterfly kisses are gentle reminders of love’s delicate and transformative power.

Gentle and fleeting, your kisses land,

Like butterflies on a sunlit strand.

On cheeks, on noses, soft as a sigh,

Your love flutters, reaching the sky.


Each kiss, a promise, delicate and pure,

Of a love so deep, forever to endure.

Granddaughter, with you, every moment feels new,

Like morning dew, or a rainbow’s hue.


This Valentine’s, I’m grateful for this,

The magic you bring with each butterfly kiss.

For in their flutter, in their gentle touch,

They whisper of love that means so much.

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