10 Short And Funny Poems About Frogs

Leap into laughter with these ribbiting verses! From pond antics to green goofiness, our “10 Short and Funny Poems about Frogs” are sure to leave you hopping with giggles. Dive in and enjoy the whimsical world of our croaky friends!

Funny Poems About Frogs

1. Frogs on a Log

In this light-hearted tale, a group of frogs decide to have a lazy day out. But with their antics and the sunny weather, things don’t go quite as planned!

Sun-soaked logs, a perfect spot,

Frogs lined up, quite a lot.

One by one, they took a leap,

Into water, cool and deep.


Goggles on, some did race,

Others lounged, at a slow pace.

Shouting loudly, “Marco! Polo!”

Their fun echoed, even in slow-mo.


But soon, the sun began to slog,

Too hot for the little frog!

“Back to shade!” one did decree,

And off they hopped, wild and free.

2. The Dancing Frog

In the heart of a mystical pond, there’s a frog who loves to twirl and leap. This poem is a tale of his unusual, delightful dance, which draws an audience from all around.

At moonlight’s glow, on lily’s pad,

A dancing frog, a tad bit mad.

Twirling, spinning, without a care,

Leaping high, into the air.


Fireflies watched, in amaze,

Their lights blinking, in a daze.

Fish popped up, to get a view,

Of the dancer, and his debut.


As dawn approached, his dance did end,

With a bow and a leap, around the bend.

Promising to return, when night’s anew,

To dance again, in the pond’s blue.

3. The Frog’s New Tune

Mr. Frog found a banjo one day and decided to try his hand at music. With each strum and pluck, he discovers a tune that makes the whole pond come alive.

Mr. Frog strummed a string, so thin,

Plucked another, let the song begin.

A tune so merry, joyful and new,

Echoed around, the morning’s dew.


Ducks waddled close, to hear him play,

Turtles tapped feet, in a rhythmic sway.

Dragonflies danced, in the air so high,

To the frog’s new tune, under the sky.


As sunset neared, his fingers did tire,

But he’d found his passion, his inner fire.

With a promise to play, every single day,

He hopped off, in a musical way.

4. The Mismatched Frog

In a pond, where every frog looked the same, one stood out. With polka-dotted skin and a unique croak, this is the tale of a frog who dared to be different.

In a world of green, one frog was not,

With polka dots, he was quite the spot!

Not plain, nor simple, he stood out clear,

A sight so rare, drawing frogs near.


While others croaked, he’d sing a song,

Unique and different, all day long.

Proud of his skin, of the dots he wore,

He celebrated himself, more and more.


For in the pond, it was clear to see,

Being different, was the best to be!

With a hop and a skip, and a joyful heart,

He showed the world, his colorful art.

5. The Frog and The Fly

A cunning frog spots a fly buzzing around. In a game of chase and escape, who do you think wins? This poem captures the thrilling chase between two of nature’s most fascinating creatures.

Buzzing around, a fly so spry,

Hovered near, catching the frog’s eye.

With a swift move, the chase did start,

In a dance of dodge, and darting art.


The fly zipped left, and zipped right,

Avoiding the frog, with all its might.

The pond watched, in anticipation,

Who’d win in this, fun altercation?


In the end, to everyone’s surprise,

The fly landed, between frog’s eyes.

For it was all, a playful tease,

In the world of frogs and buzzing bees.

6. The Bashful Frog

In a pond filled with outgoing amphibians, one timid frog yearned for friendship but didn’t quite know how to start. Here’s the tale of his journey towards companionship.

Among all the croaks and the jumps so high,

Sat a bashful frog, a tad bit shy.

While others played, and splashed about,

He’d sit alone, filled with doubt.


Hesitant hops and quiet sighs,

Watching the world with big, round eyes.

Then one day, a tadpole swam near,

Whispered softly into his ear.


“Join us!”, it said, with a grin so wide,

And soon the frog felt the fun inside.

From that day, no longer alone,

The bashful frog found a home of his own.

7. The Dreaming Frog

What do frogs dream of? This whimsical poem dives into the nighttime fantasies of one imaginative frog, as he journeys beyond his pond.

Lying back on his comfy lily,

The frog dreamt of a big, bustling city.

Skyscrapers tall, and cars that honk,

A world so vast, where could he bonk?


He saw himself, in a top hat and cane,

Walking the streets, come sun or rain.

Sipping tea at a café so posh,

With a fly dessert, oh my gosh!


Awakening to the pond’s gentle gleam,

He chuckled softly at his wild dream.

Yet in his heart, the adventure did linger,

As he daydreamed, with a smile and a finger.

8. The Fashionable Frog

Who says frogs can’t be stylish? Meet the pond’s most fashionable resident, who has a flair for looking dapper and turning heads.

In a pond where green was the norm,

One frog was breaking the form.

With a bowtie here, and a hat so neat,

His fashion sense was hard to beat.


Everyday a new ensemble to show,

From sleek glasses to a stylish bow.

The other frogs would stop and stare,

At the dashing frog with such flair.


So if you see a splash of color in the bog,

Know it’s just the fashionable frog.

Strutting his stuff, without a care,

With a je ne sais quoi, extraordinaire!

9. The Chef Frog

There’s a culinary genius among the pond’s residents. Discover the adventures of a frog with a passion for cooking and a talent for tantalizing taste buds.

In a corner of the pond, with pots and pans,

Stood a frog, with culinary plans.

Mixing and stirring, with zest and zeal,

Creating dishes with a gourmet feel.


His specialty? A fly soup so clear,

With a touch of lily, and a hint of sear.

Creatures came from far and wide,

To taste the dishes he’d provide.


So if you ever pass the pond’s fog,

Stop by the kitchen of the chef frog.

He’ll serve you a dish, so unique and divine,

You’ll be hopping back, time after time!

10. The Yoga Frog

Flexibility isn’t just for humans. Dive into the tranquil world of a frog with a passion for stretches and poses, bringing calm to the entire pond.

On a peaceful morning, by the pond’s side,

A frog stretched out, arms opened wide.

Inhaling deep, and exhaling slow,

Into a pose, he’d gracefully go.


Tree pose on a lily, or cobra in the muck,

Every pose he tried, brought him good luck.

The other creatures, inspired to see,

Joined in the yoga, beneath the tree.


Now, the pond’s a haven, calm and serene,

Thanks to the yoga frog, and his routine.

Bringing peace, and zen-like fog,

To all creatures, with each sunlit jog.

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