16 Funny & Cheesy Poems For Friend & Friendship

Dive into a delightful collection of whimsical verses celebrating the quirks of friendship! From playful jests to cheesy rhymes, these 16 poems capture the essence of camaraderie and the joy of shared laughter. Perfect for sharing with your closest pals or for a giggle on a gloomy day!

Funny Poems For Friends

1. Mismatched Socks

In every group of friends, there’s diversity and the odd one out. This poem embraces the uniqueness in friendships, likening it to mismatched socks that somehow fit perfectly together.

In a world of matching pairs, you stand out,

Like that lone sock, making others pout.

But in the drawer of friendship so vast,

You’re my favorite, destined to last.


Patterns and colors, not always aligned,

Yet together, an oddity combined.

Mismatched socks, our friendship’s theme,

Strangely perfect, in every dream.


In life’s laundry, mixed up and tossed,

With you, my friend, I’m never lost.

In the warmth of camaraderie’s dock,

You and I are the perfect mismatched sock.

2. When Tummies Rumble

A playful nod to those friends who always seem to be hungry and the hilarious adventures you embark upon to satiate those cravings.

Whenever we hang, it’s always the same,

Our tummies dictate the rules of the game.

We might start with pizza, then onto pie,

Laughing as the hours just fly by.


Burgers to tacos, our journey’s so grand,

With you, food quests go just as planned.

From diners to drive-thrus, wherever we tumble,

It’s best with a friend when our tummies rumble.


Late-night ice cream, or early brunch date,

With you by my side, it’s always first-rate.

Our foodie adventures, a tale to humble,

Forever united, when our tummies rumble.

3. The Selfie Stick Adventures

Highlighting the moments when friends try to capture the perfect selfie, often leading to comedic results. This poem is a tribute to all those hilarious selfie attempts.

In search of that perfect angle and light,

With you, my friend, it’s an amusing sight.

Up high, down low, we twist and we flick,

All thanks to the magic of our selfie stick.


Pouts and smiles, some shots quite askew,

Yet memories made, forever anew.

From duck faces to backgrounds that trick,

Laughter ensues with each selfie stick click.


Capturing moments, some candid, some staged,

With every snap, our friendship’s age.

Though many might say our method’s quite slick,

Here’s to more laughs and the selfie stick!

Funny Poems For Friends

Funny Poems To Tease Friends

1. The Fashionably Late Friend

We all have that one friend who’s never on time. This poem teases the perpetual tardiness, making light of those long waits.

Every event, every meet, every date,

You stroll in, fashionably late.

While I check my watch, tapping my feet,

You enter, making the scene complete.


Coffee’s gone cold, movie’s half through,

Yet your charm makes it all seem new.

“Traffic was bad,” or “Lost my left shoe,”

With your wild tales, I never have a clue.


I’ve tried setting our meets an hour ahead,

But you’ve got your own clock, it’s said.

In a world of punctuality’s mandate,

You’ll always be my fashionably late.

2. The Karaoke Star

For that friend who believes their singing is the next best thing, even if the notes don’t always hit right. A loving tease about their vocal escapades.

In the shower, in the car, every place is a bar,

With a voice that reaches, though not always par.

Some notes so high, they touch the star,

Oh, my dear friend, the karaoke czar!


Song lyrics jumbled, a tune slightly amiss,

Yet your passion, we simply can’t dismiss.

For even as the audience might spar,

Your spirit shines, our karaoke superstar.


Though sometimes I wish for a volume bar,

I wouldn’t change you, not by far.

For in the world of music bizarre,

You’re my favorite karaoke avatar.

3. The Self-Proclaimed Chef

This poem is a nod to friends who love to cook but might occasionally miss the mark. Their culinary experiments always making dinnertime unpredictable.

With apron on, and spatula in hand,

Your dishes, they rarely go as planned.

A pinch of this, a sprinkle of that,

Yet the end result? A questionable spat.


Tacos with jam, or spaghetti with lime,

Your culinary flair, truly sublime.

Though sometimes it tastes a bit like tar,

To us, you’re still a gourmet superstar.


We tease, we jest, yet around we flock,

For another episode of your foodie talk.

Though it’s not always a Michelin star,

You’re our beloved, experimental chef czar.

4. The DIY Disaster

Dedicated to the friend who’s always diving into DIY projects with enthusiasm, even when the outcomes are a tad… creative.

Nails, hammers, paints galore,

Your DIY projects, never a bore.

Though sometimes it leans, or just might fall,

Your spirit, my friend, stands tall.


A shelf that wobbles, a chair that squeaks,

Your home’s filled with these unique antiques.

To some, they might look bizarre,

But in DIY land, you’re the superstar.


Keep crafting, keep building, reach for that star,

For in the realm of try, you’re by far,

The most ambitious, though it’s ajar,

My dear friend, the DIY czar.

5. Gym Enthusiast Giggles

For the friend who’s a dedicated gym-goer but might have a slightly inflated view of their own prowess. Their enthusiasm for fitness is both admirable and amusing.

Muscles flexing, in the mirror you gaze,

Your gym tales, leave us in a daze.

Sometimes it seems, you’re raising the bar,

Or is it just another gym tale gone far?


Protein shakes, and a diet so strict,

Yet that treadmill, it still makes you ticked.

For all the weights you claim to spar,

You’re our favorite, gym seminar.


We laugh, we tease, with love so pure,

For your fitness tales, there’s never a cure.

In the realm of reps and the protein jar,

You’re the undisputed, gym superstar.

Funny Poems To Tease Friends

Cheesy Poems For Friends

1. The Pizza of Friendship

Friendships can be as delightful and diverse as a pizza loaded with toppings. This cheesy poem serves up a slice of gratitude for such delightful friendships.

Our friendship’s like a pizza, so divine,

With toppings of laughter, and cheese of sunshine.

Through thick crusts or thin, it does not sway,

For our bond grows stronger, each passing day.


Peppered with memories, and saucy tales too,

Every slice shared brings a joy anew.

Some moments spicy, others sweetly benign,

Yet together they make a taste so fine.


No matter the flavor, or the cheesy bend,

I’m grateful for you, my pizza-friend.

For in the oven of life’s rapid play,

You’re the delightful slice, lighting my way.

2. The Cheddar-y Chuckles

When friendship is matured and rich like aged cheddar, it’s bound to be cheesy. This poem celebrates those cheesy moments that bring smiles and chuckles.

In the cheeseboard of life, where many friends lay,

You stand out, in a cheddar-y way.

Aged to perfection, matured and bold,

Our cheesy tales, countless times retold.


From brie-like soft moments to blue-vein days,

Our bond, like fondue, in warm glow stays.

Though sometimes we’re crumbly, and sometimes we bend,

The cheddar-y chuckles, they never end.


So here’s to us, in our cheese-tastic spree,

You’re the cheddar to my brie.

In the dairy delights, come what may,

You’re the cheesy joke, brightening my day.

3. Mac n’ Cheese Memories

Dedicated to the comforting warmth of friendship that’s as wholesome and delightful as a bowl of mac n’ cheese. This poem relishes those comforting memories.

Like mac to the cheese, so perfectly paired,

Through life’s twisting pasta, our bond never wearied.

Golden and warm, our memories weave,

In the comforting bowl of friendship we achieve.


Every noodle a story, every cheese pull a laugh,

In the kitchen of life, we’ve found our path.

Cheesy moments galore, creamy dreams to please,

Together we’re the perfect mac n’ cheese.


When life turns al dente, a bit tough to chew,

I find solace knowing I have you.

For no matter the recipe or the degrees,

Our friendship’s the coziest mac n’ cheese.

Funny Poems On Friendship

1. The Great Snore War

For those nights of sleepovers and the surprising realization of how loud a friend can snore. This poem recalls the comedic battles of those sleepless nights.

At sleepovers, we gather with zest and fun galore,

But by nightfall, I’m faced with the great snore war.

Your rhythmic buzz, a chainsaw’s proud roar,

Leaves me pondering, to sleep or explore?


Silent nights, I once knew them so well,

Now, they’re tales of the past, I fondly tell.

Tossing and turning, earplugs I implore,

Oh, my friend, your snore’s hard to ignore!


Yet with morning’s light, all’s forgiven and bright,

For shared laughter over breakfast feels just right.

Though tonight, maybe, a separate room to restore,

For the sake of peace, in the great snore war.

2. Borrowed and Blue

Dedicated to friends who have the habit of ‘borrowing’ things and ‘forgetting’ to return them. A light-hearted jab at these serial borrowers.

In your closet, a mystery unfolds,

My missing sweater, and that hat of gold.

“Borrowed,” you said, a term quite loose,

With each item, comes a new excuse.


From books to shirts, to my favorite shoe,

All find a home, with a borrower like you.

“I’ll return it soon,” you always do coo,

Yet most come back either late or blue.


Though I jest and tease, with love it’s true,

For a friend like you, is rare and few.

Keep the hat, wear the shirt, continue your spree,

Just remember, my heart’s borrowed by thee.

3. The Dancing Disaster

A tribute to friends whose dance moves can only be described as ‘unique’. This poem swings between admiration and amusement.

At every party, you’re the first to groove,

With dance moves, most struggle to prove.

A twist here, a jump there, it’s a sight,

Your dancing spirit, truly alight.


Some may call it “freestyle,” some “avant-garde,”

But your passion, none can disregard.

From moonwalk to floss, to moves bizarre,

You light up the floor, the dancing czar.


Though I might giggle, from the bar afar,

Your energy is contagious, raising the par.

So keep dancing, my friend, be the superstar,

For in life’s dance, you’re the brightest star.

4. The Eternal Optimist

For the ever-positive friend whose optimism sometimes borders on comedic denial. A playful nudge at their sunny disposition.

Rain or shine, sleet or hail,

Your optimism, it never does fail.

“Look at the bright side,” is your constant chant,

Even when my plants are dying, and you say they “just can’t.”


Every cloud, you insist, has a silver line,

Even when I’m sure it’s just the cloud’s spine.

Yet, in gloomy days, or when hope’s sparse,

Your cheery outlook is like a sunshine’s arse.


So here’s to you, my ever-bright guide,

Whose glasses aren’t just rose, but a rainbow’s pride.

Though sometimes I tease, and jestingly resist,

You’re my cherished, eternal optimist.

5. The Over-Packer’s Plight

Inspired by friends who pack everything but the kitchen sink, even for a weekend getaway. This poem unzips the hilarity of their travel habits.

For a weekend trip, you pack a month’s spree,

From ten hats to five shoes, and an extra ski.

“Why so much?” I often exclaim and mock,

As you lug around that gigantic rock.


Each item, you insist, is utterly vital,

From the rubber duck to the old recital.

Mountain or beach, desert or polar cap,

Your bag’s ready for any world map.


Though I chuckle, watching your packing might,

In the end, you often save the plight.

Forgot my toothbrush? You’ve got three!

Cheers to you, in over-packing spree.

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