75+ Cute & Creative Ways to Say Call Me

Do you ever feel like it’s hard to come up with creative or fun ways to ask someone to call you? Whether it’s a far-away friend, special family member, or romantic partner – we all want that connection and need more than just ‘call me’ as an invitation.

Luckily, there are plenty of other cute, creative, and Funny phrases out there that can change the way you reach out without losing what it means – because sometimes those three little words don’t quite say enough.

Read on for some clever ways to add flare when asking someone to give you a ring!

Cute and Creative Ways to Say Call Me

1- Please call me, I have a question for you!

2- Please call me, I want to see you!

3- I’m missing you, please call me!

4- It would make my day if you called me!

5- Please call me, I need your help!

6- Please call me!

7- Get ahold of me

8- Reach out to me

9- Connect with me

10- Drop me a line

11- Give me a buzz

12- Holler at me

13- Contact me, please!

14- Ping me

15- Get in touch

16- Get in contact

17- Get in touch with me

18- Reach out to me

19- Contact me ASAP

20- Holla at ya’ girl

21- Hit up a sista!

22- Drop a note my way

23- Holler my name

24- Say hey to me

25- Make contact soon

26- Dial my number

27- Send up a flare

28- Give me a jingle

29- Reach out and touch someone (me!)

30- Let’s talk

31- Holler out loud

32- Touch base with me

33- Chirp me

34- Reach through the phone line

35- Give me a shout-out!

36- Get in my ear

37- Leave me a message

38- Send an SOS signal to me

39- Ring my bell

40- Check yo girl!

41- Give me a call ASAP

42- Shout out my name

43- Come holla at me

44- Put me on your radar

45- Let’s have a chat

46- Holla back

47- Check in with me

48- Put a shout-out for me

49- Give me a holler

50- Track me down

51- Holla my way

52- Put in a good word for me

53- Hail me on the phone line

54- Find your way to me

55- Blow up my phone!

56- Let’s connect soon

57- Put a call out for me

58- Bleep, bloop, you know what to do!

59- Get on the horn with me

60- Leave a message at the beep(er)

61- Put me in the loop

62- Reach out and grab me

63- Give me a ring-a-ding!

64- Make contact with me!

65- Please give me a call!

66- I need to hear your voice, please call me!

67- Please call me, I need to talk to you!

68- I would love to hear your voice!

69- Please call me, I have something to show you!

70- Please call me, I need your advice!

71- It’s been a while since we talked, please call me!

72- I’m feeling lonely, please call me!

73- Please call me, I have something important to tell you!

74- I’m just picking up my phone, feel free to call me!

75- Please call me, I want to talk to you about something!

76- Please call me, there’s something I want to ask you!

77- My phone is always turned on, so please feel free to call me any time!

78- I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you, please call me!

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