30 Funny Ways to Say Going To Lunch

Funny Ways to Say Going To Lunch

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Going To Lunch:

  1. Off to munch a bunch!
  2. Time to nibble some kibble!
  3. Heading to the grub hub!
  4. Off to the munchie meet-up!
  5. Tummy’s calling!
  6. Going to chase a cheeseburger!
  7. Time for a belly-filler!
  8. Stomach’s clocking in!
  9. It’s chew-thirty!
  10. Off to the feed station!
  11. Gonna grab a plate date!
  12. Taming the hunger monster!
  13. Heading to the chow-down town!
  14. Nom-nom nomad, reporting for duty!
  15. Bites, here I come!
  16. Prepping for the next food selfie!
  17. It’s sandwich safari time!
  18. Flirting with flavors!
  19. On a quest for quesadillas!
  20. Time to go ham… literally!
  21. Wrangling up some wraps!
  22. Culinary adventure, ahoy!
  23. Diving into the food pool!
  24. Ready, set, spaghetti!
  25. Here comes the munchie march!
  26. Forks up, I’m out!
  27. Gonna appease the pizza gods!
  28. Craving cruise, activate!
  29. Eats expedition underway!
  30. Breadcrumbs, lead the way!


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Funny Ways to Say Going To Lunch