10 Best Funny Poems That Make Her Smile

Dive into a world where words tickle the funny bone and carve smiles on her face! These 10 whimsically funny poems are crafted to light up moments, causing ripples of laughter to dance through her eyes. Join us, as we traverse through playful rhymes and jovial rhythms together!

Funny Poems That Make Her Smile

1. The Ticklish Tomato

“The Ticklish Tomato” is a light, playful poem that personifies a tomato experiencing a bout of giggles. The intention is to draw a vivid and amusing picture that is bound to bring a smile to her face, delighting her with its lively imagery.

In the garden, a tomato so red,

Found itself giggling, it’s said.

A little worm wriggled, caused a tickle,

And its sides shook with every little wriggle.


Its laughter spread across the vine,

Making grapes and peppers feel so fine.

A ripple of chuckles, so hearty and free,

Emanated from the belly of that tomato, in glee.


And all the veggies, in laughter unite,

Creating a symphony of joy so bright.

In the garden, they giggled, from dawn till night,

In a spectacle of amusing, delightful light.

2. The Sneezing Snail

This piece, “The Sneezing Snail,” tells the whimsical tale of a snail that cannot stop sneezing, causing a little chaos in his slow-moving world. It hopes to evoke a chuckle with its quirky scenario and the amusing visual of a snail dealing with unexpected sneezes.

In the garden, a snail so slow,

Sneezed aloud, a soft, gentle blow.

His shell shook, his eyes did twirl,

As around him, tiny leaves did swirl.


The flowers giggled, the grasses swayed,

At the sneezing snail, a playful parade.

His nose tickled, with another achoo,

Creating a breeze, that playfully blew.


A whimsical sight, of sneezes and snail,

Moving so slowly, leaving a funny trail.

With each sneeze, a chuckle in the mail,

A delightful, jolly, sneezy tale.

3. The Dancing Pancake

“The Dancing Pancake” imagines breakfast with a twist, where a pancake decides to put on a cheerful dance show. The light-hearted antics of the breakfast item aim to serve a plateful of giggles and offer a sweet start to the day.

A pancake on the griddle, so flat,

Decided to dance, imagine that!

With a twirl and a flip, so spry,

It danced beneath the morning sky.


Syrup clapped, and butter cheered,

As the pancake’s jolly dance neared.

It shimmied and shook, in a tasty delight,

Creating a spectacle, quite a sight!


On the plate, it landed with a spin,

Sprinkled with sugar, a grin within a grin.

A breakfast so merry, lively, and stable,

Bringing joy to the morning breakfast table.

4. The Jolly Jellybeans

This poem, “The Jolly Jellybeans,” imagines a world where candy has its own delightful personality. It seeks to enchant her with colorful and funny visuals of jellybeans having a merry little adventure, creating a sweet and laugh-worthy scenario.

In the jar, jellybeans so sweet,

Began to tap with little feet.

Purple, pink, and blue so bold,

Danced together, a sight to behold.


They jiggled and wiggled with all their might,

Creating a scene so colorful and bright.

Their sugar coats shimmered under the light,

In their candy jar, they danced through the night.


In mirthful moves, they bounced so high,

A spectacle under the candy sky.

To the rhythms of sweetness, they comply,

A confectionery dance, under the sugary tie.

5. The Bumbling Bumblebee

“The Bumbling Bumblebee” introduces a bumblebee that’s slightly clumsy, buzzing around and bumping into flowers, creating a flutter of funny encounters. The poem endeavors to encapsulate a feeling of lightness, cheer, and comical mishaps that unfold in the bumblebee’s path.

A bumblebee, black and yellow,

Bumbled along, a jolly fellow.

Into flowers, he’d clumsily bump,

Causing petals to flutter and clump.


With a buzz and a bumble, and pollen in tow,

He’d tumble and rumble, putting on a show.

A spectacle of flutters, and comical scenes,

Unfolded in the garden, among the greens.


Through blossoms and buds, his journey we see,

A mirthful adventure, of the bumbling bee.

With every collision, a laughter spree,

Blossomed amid the floral sea.

6. The Curious Case of Missing Socks

A relatable yet amusing scenario comes to life in “The Curious Case of Missing Socks,” exploring the mysterious disappearance of socks in a whimsical manner. The playful conspiracy of the mischievous socks aims to weave a fabric of humor and light-hearted mystery.

Socks in pairs, into the wash they dive,

But only one seems to survive.

The other sneaks away, a cheeky sock,

Into a realm of mystery, they flock.


They party and play, in secret delight,

In a hidden world, out of sight.

A playful conspiracy, of fabrics so sleek,

Where single socks, their freedom seek.


In the curious case, of the socks that flee,

A chuckle bubbles, in the mystery.

As we search and ponder, where they might dock,

In the playful escape, of a runaway sock.

7. The Noodle That Could

“The Noodle That Could” narrates a tale of a noodle with ambition, wishing to be more than just a part of a pasta dish. This poem twirls through a culinary adventure, hoping to sprinkle a dash of laughter and an ample dose of whimsy onto her day.

A noodle in the pot, so slim and long,

Dreamed of adventures, where he’d belong.

Not just a twist, in a tasty dish,

But a swirly journey, as he’d wish.


Through the sauce, he’d slither and slide,

On a culinary escapade, he’d joyfully ride.

Through mountains of cheese, he’d ascend,

In a saucy world, his time he’d spend.


The noodle that could, in sauces swayed,

Creating tales, in culinary cascade.

Through pots and plates, his journey portrayed,

A lively, tasty, adventurous charade.

8. The Waffling Waffle

In “The Waffling Waffle,” a waffle can’t decide on its favorite topping, creating a tasty dilemma that’s both charming and amusing. Through delightful choices and playful indecision, the waffle takes her on a sweetly comical journey through breakfast dilemmas.

A waffle on the plate, so crisp and light,

Pondered toppings, oh, what a sight!

With syrup, strawberries, or whipped cream,

It waffled in a tasty dream.


Each topping tempting, in its own way,

A delicious dilemma, on breakfast tray.

How to choose, in a sea of taste,

Where every option seemed a delightful paste.


In the waffling, a chuckle born,

Through syrupy seas and cream adorned.

In the tasty indecision, smiles were crafted,

As the waffle, in its sweetness, wafted.

9. The Giggling Grapes

“The Giggling Grapes” brings forth a vine of grapes that can’t stop giggling, creating a bubbly and infectious atmosphere in the orchard. This poem seeks to create an effervescent scene of laughter and joy, inspired by the playful antics of grapes.

On the vine, the grapes did sway,

And laughter bubbled, in a merry display.

They giggled and jiggled, in the sun’s embrace,

Creating a vineyard of laughter’s grace.


Their laughter echoed, through the rows,

Where apples and peaches blushed like rose.

In their mirthful symphony, they danced and sprung,

A chorus of giggles, where laughter hung.


In the orchard, a scene so gay,

As the giggling grapes continued to play.

Their merriment, a delightful array,

Under the sun’s warm and golden ray.

10. The Peculiar Pizza Party

“The Peculiar Pizza Party” imagines a pizza with a quirky twist—a penchant for hosting its own party! This whimsical scenario aims to tickle her funny bone as she envisions toppings that come to life for a cheesy, delightful soirée.

In the oven, the pizza did bake,

With toppings that had come to wake.

Pepperoni danced, cheese smiled wide,

As veggies on top joined the pizza’s stride.


Tomatoes tangoed, olives tap-danced too,

In a pizza party, where cheese fondue.

A quirky gathering, on a crispy crust,

In a cheesy world, they danced with gusto and lust.


The pizza that hosted, what a delight,

A cheesy party, under oven’s light.

In the world of toppings, they took flight,

A peculiar pizza party, to her sheer delight.

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