16 Poems about Pregnancy Announcement

Celebrate the miracle of life with these 16 poems about pregnancy announcements. Each verse captures the joy, anticipation, and wonder of the moment you share the news. Dive into the emotional journey of becoming parents, beautifully depicted through the art of poetry. Join us in this heartwarming poetic journey.

Short Poems about Pregnancy Announcement

1. A Whisper to the World

This poem is about the delicate joy of discovering a pregnancy. It illustrates the silent celebration between two soon-to-be parents and their unspoken promise to the little one that’s on the way.

In hushed tones we softly speak,

A secret we both vow to keep.

A tiny heartbeat, faint and slight,

Whispers of our shared delight.


In this world of noise and din,

A new journey we begin.

With every day, our joy will grow,

As we await the one we’ll know.


Moments treasured, memories stored,

A future full of dreams explored.

With gentle hands and hearts so wide,

We await you, side by side.

2. Life’s Gentle Surprise

This poem delves into the surprise of an unexpected pregnancy. It emphasizes the beauty of life’s unpredictability and the newfound joy and hope that it brings.

Life has ways of surprising us,

In tiny wonders, without a fuss.

Today we felt a thrill so sweet,

A little heartbeat, life’s gentle beat.


Once we were two, now soon to be three,

A world of dreams, as vast as the sea.

Hope anew, a future so grand,

Holding tight to a tiny hand.


Days go by, the seasons change,

Yet this miracle seems so strange.

Life’s gentle surprise, pure and true,

We’re waiting eagerly, just for you.

3. The Unfurling Tale

This poem speaks of the unfolding story of a new life. It captures the anticipation of the unknown chapters that lay ahead and the wonder of a new beginning.

In the book of life, a page did turn,

A new chapter awaits, so much to learn.

With every line, our story grows,

An unfurling tale, only the heart knows.


Echoes of laughter, tears and more,

Adventures and dreams, lore upon lore.

With every sunrise, a hope so new,

The world awaits, little one, for you.


Hand in hand, we stand so near,

Embracing the joy, letting go of fear.

For in this tale, one thing we know,

With you, our love will only grow.

Short Poems about Pregnancy Announcement

Funny Poems about Pregnancy Announcement

1. “Oops, We Did It Again”

This humorous poem playfully captures the surprise of a pregnancy announcement, especially when it wasn’t quite planned. It celebrates the unexpected joy that a new baby can bring.

In the game of life, a curveball we’ve thrown,

An unplanned surprise, like a seed that’s sown.

“We’re expecting!” we cheer, though unplanned it may be,

Our family’s growing, from two to three.


We thought we had it all figured out,

But life had other plans, without a doubt.

Diapers and midnight feeds on the way,

Get ready, dear partner, for a sleepless display!


So here we go again, on this parenting spree,

With laughter and chaos, just wait and see.

Though unplanned, this journey we’ll gladly embrace,

Get ready, world, for our expanding space!

2. “Bun in the Oven, and We’re Not Baking”

This lighthearted poem uses the metaphor of baking to humorously announce a pregnancy. It highlights the excitement and anticipation of welcoming a new addition to the family.

In the kitchen of life, something’s in the making,

But it’s not cookies or cake that we’re baking.

A little bun in the oven, can’t you see?

We’re cooking up joy, for our family of three.


Our oven’s now double-booked, that’s for sure,

With cravings and diapers, and oh so much more.

We’re trading late nights out for lullabies sweet,

As our family expands, with tiny, cute feet.


So pass the cookies and ice cream, with glee,

For our life’s recipe includes a new recipe.

Though our oven’s quite busy, we’re not forsaken,

There’s love to spare, with our bun in the oven, not baking!

3. “Dad’s Survival Guide: Round Two”

This humorous poem puts the spotlight on the dad’s perspective when announcing a second pregnancy. It humorously reflects on the challenges and adventures of becoming a parent once again.

Dad’s survival guide, here we go round two,

The baby’s backseat, the diaper debut.

We’ve mastered one, or so we believe,

But this time around, a twist up our sleeve.


Sleepless nights, and endless cries,

Get ready, dear dad, for the baby’s surprise.

With bottles and pacifiers, and baby on lap,

You’ll navigate parenthood like a GPS app.


So cheers to round two, and all it entails,

With love and laughter, and endless baby tales.

Though we may stumble, and sometimes be shaken,

We’re excited and ready, for baby number two, no fakin’!

Funny Poems about Pregnancy Announcement

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement for 2nd Child

1. Round Two: A New Adventure

This poem captures the delightful anticipation of welcoming a second child into the family. It portrays the joy and excitement of a sibling relationship and the promise of shared memories.

Once we were three, now soon we’ll be four,

A new set of giggles, adventures galore.

A sibling to play with, to laugh and to hug,

Double the trouble, but also double the love.


Our first taught us wonders, of life’s little joys,

Now awaits another, be it two girls, two boys?

The stories they’ll craft, the memories they’ll share,

Two little partners, in life’s fun-filled fair.


Hands held together, as a family we stand,

Awaiting the steps, of a new little hand.

Two children to cherish, our hearts filled with glee,

Together, forever, as a family we’ll be.

2. Encore of Joy

This poem speaks to the overflowing joy of announcing a second pregnancy. It touches on the already experienced joys of the firstborn and the eagerness to re-experience and share those moments again with another child.

The stage is set, for an encore show,

With lessons from the first, more we’ve come to know.

The joy, the laughter, those sleepless nights too,

We’re ready once more, for a debut so new.


Firstborn, our star, shining so bright,

Soon you’ll have company, in dreams every night.

Two little voices, echoing our song,

Together they’ll dance, and learn to be strong.


A new chapter begins, with excitement so raw,

Anticipation and wonder, without a single flaw.

Our family grows, and our hearts expand in size,

Ready to welcome, life’s next sweet surprise.

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement for 2nd Child

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement for 3rd Child

1. The Magic Number Three

This poem reflects the exhilaration of announcing a third pregnancy. It highlights the dynamics of a growing family, emphasizing the unique place each child holds while celebrating the new addition.

Four footprints now, soon there’ll be six,

Life with two, was a delightful mix.

But magic awaits, as three will soon play,

Together they’ll journey, in laughter and fray.


Two pairs of eyes, soon three will gleam,

With mischief and wonder, in every dream.

A trio of stories, of joys yet to see,

Oh, what fun this trio will be!


From duo to trio, our love doesn’t divide,

Instead, it multiplies, with arms opened wide.

Three times the charm, in this dance so free,

Our hearts now beat in a rhythm of three.

2. Trio of Wonders

This poem conveys the emotions of parents about to embrace the joys and challenges of having three children. It underlines the endless love, shared memories, and the beauty of a family that continues to grow.

Once was wonder, twice pure delight,

Now thrice the love, every day and night.

Three little souls, each their own flame,

Different in spirit, yet family the same.


Two have taught us, joys and the tiffs,

Now with the third, we’ll take new shifts.

Mornings of chaos, nights without end,

Yet, treasuring moments, life sends.


Three seats at the table, three stories to tell,

In this symphony of life, our hearts swell.

For with each new chapter, love only expands,

Awaiting the touch, of two more tiny hands.

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement for 3rd Child

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement to Family

1. News to Warm the Heart

This poem encapsulates the joy and eagerness of sharing a pregnancy announcement with family. It portrays the blossoming of familial bonds and the shared excitement that a new addition brings.

Gather ’round dear family, we’ve news to tell,

A tale of joy, where dreams do dwell.

Within our midst, grows life anew,

A little one, soon joining our crew.


With every heartbeat, strong and true,

We think of moments, shared with you.

Nights of stories, days of play,

Together cherishing, come what may.


Families grow, not just in size,

But in love, ties that never demise.

In the warmth of your embrace we’ll stand,

Awaiting our newest member, hand in hand.

2. Echoes of Our Future

This poem emphasizes the profound significance of family in shaping the future. It tells of the hope and dreams a new child represents, and the promise of shared memories with loved ones.

In the tapestry of life, a new thread weaves,

A promise of tomorrow, in all that one believes.

To our cherished family, we joyfully confide,

A new chapter awaits, with love amplified.


Echoes of the past, and dreams of what’s to be,

A blend of all our histories, in one we’ll soon see.

Shared holidays, laughter, and tales to recount,

With every family gathering, our joys will mount.


Ancestors’ legacies, our traditions to bear,

In this new life, all will be there.

To our family, so true and so grand,

Another story begins, in our expanding clan.

Poems about Pregnancy Announcement to Family

Poems to Announce Pregnancy to Grandparents

1. A Gift to Those Who’ve Given Much

This poem touches on the cyclical nature of life and how grandparents, once the givers of life and love, are about to receive a precious gift in return.

To the roots of our tree, strong and deep,

A secret of joy, we’re thrilled to keep.

From your love sprouted life, and now anew,

Another branch grows, because of you.


Generations pass, tales interwoven tight,

Now another story begins, pure and bright.

Echoes of old lullabies, wisdom you share,

Await a new listener, in your loving care.


Moments with you, cherished and dear,

Exciting times ahead, as grandparents, draw near.

For in our hearts and in this rhyme,

We celebrate life’s beautiful time.

2. Tiny Feet, Legacy Sweet

This poem embodies the joy of announcing to grandparents that their legacy is about to expand. It highlights the deep connection between past, present, and future.

In the dance of generations, a new beat starts,

A symphony of love, connecting all our hearts.

To our beloved elders, bearers of our tale,

A new joy arrives, on life’s wondrous trail.


Tiny feet will soon, echo in your hall,

Memories to make, stories to recall.

The wisdom in your eyes, the tales on your lips,

Await another, to share life’s trips.


From parent to grand, life’s beautiful shift,

Your legacy grows, a timeless gift.

With love we announce, to you so grand,

A new chapter begins, hand in hand.

Poems to Announce Pregnancy to Grandparents

Poems to Announce Pregnancy to Husband

1. Our Shared Dream Takes Flight

This poem captures the intimate moment of revealing a pregnancy to one’s husband. It emphasizes the shared dream and the strengthening of a bond that the announcement brings.

In the quiet whispers of the night,

A secret joy, our hearts ignite.

A dream we dreamt, both you and I,

Is fluttering to life, ready to fly.


Together we’ve journeyed, through thick and thin,

Now a new adventure is about to begin.

With every heartbeat, soft and profound,

Our love takes shape, a bond unbound.


Your hand in mine, as days unfold,

Together we’ll welcome, a story untold.

For in this dance, love’s rhythm enhanced,

With joy, I share, our dream has danced.

2. Love Multiplied, Not Divided

This poem is a gentle and heartfelt revelation to a husband about the new life that’s about to join their journey. It conveys the continuity of love and its exponential growth with a new addition.

With you, my love, life’s been a song,

Melodies sweet, rhythms strong.

Now, in our duet, a note so new,

A harmonious life, born from us two.


Eyes that mirror yours, hands that will hold,

A testament to our story, age-old.

In this dance of life, where dreams reside,

Our love multiplies, never to divide.


From two hearts beating, now emerges a third,

With this tender secret, my love, I’ve stirred.

For together, my dear, as days advance,

We’ll embrace the music of life’s new dance.

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