10 Super Funny Poems About Smiles And Laughter

“Laughter truly is the best medicine, and what better way to tickle your funny bone than with poetry? Dive into these 10 hilarious verses celebrating smiles and chuckles. From cheeky grins to full-blown belly laughs, this collection is sure to leave you giggling!”

Poems About Smiles And Laughter

1. The Infectious Grin

Before diving into this piece, let’s acknowledge the magic of a smile. How often have you been uplifted by just a simple grin? This poem captures the contagious nature of one person’s happiness.

Every time she would grin,

The world seemed to spin.

Laughter danced in her eyes,

Worries cast to the skies.


A single curve of her lip,

Made hearts do a flip.

Joy spread like a fire,

Lifting spirits even higher.


Like ripples in the water spread,

Her laughter echoed, joy bred.

With every chuckle and every mile,

Began with just one simple smile.

2. Chuckles in the Rain

Laughter isn’t restricted to sunny days; sometimes, the best giggles come amidst raindrops. This poem emphasizes the fun of laughing during unexpected moments.

Raindrops on the window pane,

Yet, inside we laugh, free of pain.

Thunder roars, but inside we jest,

Laughter truly is life’s very best.


Puddles form, umbrellas rise,

Yet giggles escape, no disguise.

The world might be wet and bleak,

But our joy, it reaches its peak.


Amidst storms, our laughter rings true,

A sunny disposition, our view.

For even in rain, with every clap,

Smiles and chuckles bridge the gap.

3. Echoes of Joy

The echoes of laughter linger longer than the joke itself. This poem reminisces about the residual warmth left by a shared moment of joy.

In a quiet room, the laughter stayed,

Long after the joke, its echo played.

Resounding off walls, bouncing with glee,

A testament to shared joy, wild and free.


Moments pass, but chuckles remain,

Like a sweet refrain, devoid of pain.

Memories etched, in the mind’s core,

Laughter’s echo, forevermore.


Time moves, yet joy lingers on,

The aftertaste of a laugh, never truly gone.

For every shared smile, every hearty guffaw,

Leaves behind warmth, without a flaw.

4. Giggles at Dusk

There’s something magical about laughter as the day winds down. This poem paints a picture of evening giggles, a perfect way to end the day.

As the sun dips low, casting a golden hue,

Laughter rises, fresh and new.

The day’s stress starts to fade,

In the embrace of dusk, smiles are made.


The world bathed in twilight’s kiss,

Giggles resonate, pure bliss.

Stars twinkle, in rhythm they align,

With the heartbeats of laughter, so fine.


Night descends, but chuckles don’t wane,

In the moonlit hours, they remain.

For in the quiet of evening’s brush,

Laughter is the world’s gentle hush.

5. A Smile’s Journey

A smile, so simple, yet it travels far. This poem traces the journey of a single smile, and how it touches lives everywhere.

In a bustling crowd, a smile was born,

Wiping away faces of worry, forlorn.

It traveled with grace, from face to face,

Lighting up the place, at its own pace.


Through streets it went, touching souls,

Mending hearts, filling holes.

A beacon of hope, in its gentle sway,

Turning night into day, keeping gray at bay.


From stranger to friend, its journey never ends,

Through twists and bends, messages it sends.

For in the currency of joy, smiles play a part,

Uniting the world, heart to heart.

Poems About Smiles And Laughter

Funny Poems To Make Someone Smile And Feel Better

1. Whimsical Wardrobe Woes

This poem speaks to the humorous struggles we sometimes face when getting dressed, reminding us that laughter is the best solution to minor everyday dilemmas.

Clothes strewn about, a sight quite absurd,

Can’t find my sock, have you heard?

My jeans seem to shrink, or maybe it’s pie,

Why do my shirts always aim for the sky?


Mismatched shoes and a hat that’s askew,

Fashion police would surely pursue.

Button’s lost, zipper’s broke,

Wardrobe’s playing a practical joke.


Yet in the end, as I face the day’s grind,

It’s not about clothes, but a positive mind.

Mismatch or not, I’ll wear with glee,

For I am unique, as you can clearly see.

2. The Flighty Flight of Mr. Wright

This poem narrates the humorous tale of Mr. Wright, who encounters a few unexpected events on his flight journey, proving that the adventure is sometimes in the journey itself.

Mr. Wright took a flight late one night,

Anticipating peace, quiet, and pure delight.

But a snoring neighbor and a crying tot,

Made him think his seat was a chaotic spot.


An announcement came, “Food on the way!”

But it flew off the tray, oh what a day!

His coffee spilled, and his cookie crumbled,

Yet Mr. Wright never once grumbled.


For every flight and each twist of fate,

Brings stories to tell, making life great.

Though things went wrong, Mr. Wright was alright,

He chuckled and smiled, enjoying his flight.

3. The Dancing Cat in a Hat

This poem captures the delightful imagery of a cat who finds joy in dancing with a hat, reminding us to find happiness in the simple things and to dance like nobody’s watching.

In the living room, where the sun rays sat,

Danced a jolly feline, wearing a hat.

With every twirl and a flip and a spin,

This little cat sure knew how to win.


He’d leap and he’d bound, with so much flair,

Twisting his tail and tossing the air.

The hat would slide, sometimes go amiss,

But our cat wouldn’t stop, oh what bliss!


So whenever you’re down or feeling quite flat,

Think of the cat, and his lively hat.

Lose yourself, in a dance, take a chance,

For in silly moments, life’s joys enhance.

4. The Misadventures of Sir Toast

This poem chronicles the comedic escapades of a toast that believes it’s a knight, showing that sometimes, imagination can turn even the mundane into the magnificent.

In a kitchen kingdom, not very boast,

Lived a brave slice named Sir Toast.

He’d wield a butter knife, wear an eggshell hat,

And on a plate steed, gallantly he sat.


“Defend the jam!” he’d shout with glee,

“From the dragon toaster, set the bread free!”

With crumbs as his confetti, in this breakfast fray,

Sir Toast jousted crumbs and butter spray.


So when morning seems just a bit too roast,

Think of our daring and dashing Sir Toast.

In every tale, big or small, just or jest,

There’s a sprinkle of fun, a zestful quest.

5. Ms. Muffin’s Moonlit Melody

This poem paints a whimsical scene of a muffin singing to the moon, illustrating the magic that can be found in the quiet moments of the night.

Under the blanket of night, with stars aplenty,

Ms. Muffin sang a tune, soft and gently.

To the moon she’d croon, her sugary song,

A melody that made the night feel less long.


“Dear Moon,” she’d begin, with a voice so sweet,

“Your glow lights up my blueberry treat.”

The moon would blush, in its silvery hue,

Grateful for a serenade so true.


So if ever the night feels silent and empty,

Imagine Ms. Muffin’s moonlit symphony.

For in every shadow, and in every nook,

There’s a song, a story, just take a look.

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