15 Best Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

Navigating the intricate emotions of love and loss, poetry offers solace to many. Dive into this curated collection of 15 poignant poems, reflecting on the love we still hold for an ex-partner, capturing the essence of heartbreak, longing, and undying affection.

Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

1. Echoes of Yesterday

This poem captures the remnants of past love and how memories linger, almost like a haunting but beautiful echo that remains, reminding us of what once was.

Each glance behind, your face I see,

A gentle whisper of used-to-be.

In silence, our memories play a song,

A dance of love, where shadows belong.


The laughter shared, the tears that fell,

In corners of my mind, they dwell.

Yet, moving on, the world commands,

With traces of you left in the sands.


Though time may pass and days grow long,

In my heart, your presence stays strong.

For even as new stories unfold,

Echoes of yesterday never grow old.

2. Unspoken Hues

Sometimes, the most profound emotions are the ones left unsaid, those subtle feelings and thoughts that are painted in our hearts with unspoken hues, reminiscent of an undying love.

In quiet moments, my thoughts they drift,

To a love that was, a heart’s old gift.

Colors of our love, still bright and true,

Painted in shades of unspoken hue.


With every sunset and morning dew,

I find fragments of memories with you.

Though words may fail and voices mute,

The heart speaks volumes, love absolute.


In life’s vast canvas, amidst all the noise,

I hear the silence of our old joys.

Though we’ve walked different paths anew,

My heart still carries shades of you.

3. Tides of Time

Love has the power to persist through time, like the endless tides that crash upon the shores, reminding us of the constant presence and the changing nature of emotions.

The tides they come, the tides they go,

Just like our love, with its ebb and flow.

Yet amidst the changing scenes and rhyme,

Stands still the love, defying time.


The footprints left on the sandy shore,

Echoes of love, forever more.

Though waves may wash some traces away,

The imprint of our love is here to stay.


Though we’ve parted, love remains kind,

In silent corners of the heart and mind.

For like the tides, though time may fly,

Love’s essence remains, never truly awry.

Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

Romantic Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

1. Memories in Moonlight

This poem delves into the soft glow of memories, with moonlight as a witness to the tender moments of love that were once shared. It showcases how, even in absence, love can shine brightly.

In moonlit nights, you’re by my side,

With every shimmer, our hearts collide.

Stars bear witness to whispers soft,

Of love tales written, lifted aloft.


Your touch was gentle, your words so kind,

In the vast expanse, it’s you I find.

Though separate paths we now tread on,

Under the same moon, our shadows are drawn.


The night may wane, dawn may arrive,

But memories in moonlight forever thrive.

In its gentle embrace, our love does gleam,

Alive and eternal, in every dream.

2. Woven Dreams

Love has the power to weave intricate patterns of dreams and memories. This poem describes the lingering hope and wishful thinking of perhaps reconnecting and rekindling the passion once felt.

In dreams we weave, of days gone by,

Of stolen glances and a shared sky.

With threads of love, both old and new,

Patterns emerge, of me and you.


Your voice a melody, playing on loop,

In dreamscape’s dance, our spirits swoop.

Though miles apart, in slumber we meet,

In a realm where past and present greet.


Awake, I hold onto dreams so tight,

Wishing they’d merge with the daylight.

For in those woven dreams, I see,

Endless possibilities of you and me.

3. Whispers of the Heart

The heart has its own language, often silent but profoundly expressive. This poem captures those muted feelings, the quiet yearnings, and the hopes that love might rekindle.

In the quiet, my heart does speak,

Of love that’s timeless, never weak.

Every beat, a story it tells,

Of passion’s highs and farewell’s bells.


The wind carries, our song afar,

Echoing moments, no matter where you are.

The whispers grow, as days roll by,

Hope in heart, with a heavy sigh.


Though destiny might keep us apart,

The whispers grow louder in my heart.

For love once true, never does depart,

It stays, forever, as art’s finest art.

Romantic Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

Inspirational Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

1. Journeys Apart, Together

This poem emphasizes the growth and development of two individuals who, despite their separation, continue to inspire each other. Their shared history becomes a foundation for individual growth and progress.

Paths diverged, but the memories linger,

In every step, I feel your finger.

Guiding, pushing, showing the way,

Though we’re apart, your influence stays.


Our love story, a testament to time,

Filled with peaks and the challenging climb.

Though journeys differ, and directions sway,

In spirit, together we always lay.


Cherish the past, but to the future, soar,

For every ending, there’s so much more.

Inspired by you, my strength does gather,

For in my growth, our love grows rather.

2. Lessons in Love

Love, even when it doesn’t last, can teach invaluable lessons. This poem captures the essence of love’s teachings and how they can be a guiding light for personal transformation and empowerment.

Through love we learned, through heartbreak too,

Each moment a lesson, each memory a clue.

For in our dance, both swift and slow,

Life’s deepest truths began to show.


You were the mirror, reflecting my soul,

Teaching me to cherish, to heal, to console.

In every tear, and laughter’s sound,

A piece of wisdom, profound, was found.


Grateful for the times, both joyous and tough,

With you, I’ve learned, love is enough.

Though we’ve parted, the lesson’s clear,

In love’s school, you remain dear.

3. Light from the Shadows

All experiences, including those of love and heartbreak, contribute to one’s journey. This poem portrays how even in the shadows of past love, there exists a light that inspires growth, understanding, and acceptance.

In the shadows of love once bright,

Emerges a beacon, a guiding light.

For even in darkness, and moments so low,

Seeds of inspiration continue to grow.


You, my muse, in both pain and pleasure,

Have added depth, a measureless treasure.

For in our shared tales, both bitter and sweet,

Lies the rhythm of life, uniquely complete.


Embracing the past, with its shades and hue,

I’ve found strength, resilience, and virtue.

For every dusk has its dawn anew,

Our love, the light, guiding me through.

Inspirational Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

Funny Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

1. Remember the Socks?

Love isn’t always just about romance; sometimes, it’s about shared laughs over the silliest things. This poem takes a light-hearted jab at those quirky moments, ensuring smiles and chuckles.

You left, but forgot your polka dot socks,

Now they’re with me, in my “Lost and Found” box.

Every time I see them, I laugh and I cry,

Wondering how socks could make time fly.


We danced in the rain, slipped in the muck,

Shared an umbrella, but still ran amuck.

I might miss you, but let’s not mock,

It’s the wet shoes I miss, and that darn sock.


Now, you may have moved to a classy lane,

But I’ve still got your socks, oh what a gain!

Here’s a toast to love, quirks, and silly talks,

And of course, to those forgotten socks.

2. The Great Pie Heist

Recalling an amusing incident shared between two lovers, this poem highlights that sometimes, the funniest memories can be the most endearing. Here to love, laughter, and pie!

That day at the fair, do you recall?

When you dared me to steal the pie, so tall?

I sneaked, I grabbed, and ran so fast,

Hoping our pie-love would forever last.


Your laugh echoed, as custard smeared my face,

Pie everywhere, but we won the race.

I miss those moments, oh so divine,

Especially pie-time, when you were mine.


Though now there’s no pie or mischievous spree,

Our fun-filled memories will forever be.

Next time you eat pie, give a wink to the sky,

Remembering our great, funny pie heist by.

3. Your Cat and I, Partners in Crime

Pets often become an integral part of romantic relationships. In this cheeky poem, we highlight the amusing camaraderie between an individual and their ex’s cat, as they unite in mischief.

Your cat’s with me, did you know?

He says hello, with a soft mew-low.

Together we plot, create some drama,

Miss you, though, amidst all the llama.


He shreds my papers, I spill the tea,

Together we laugh, wild and free.

Your feline, my mate, in all things fun,

Our duo’s mischief is second to none.


So while you’re gone, and life’s a climb,

With your cat here, it’s laugh-time prime.

Here’s to love, pranks, and the fun-time spree,

Your cat and I, forever partners in glee!

Funny Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

Deep Poems for Your Ex That You Still Love

1. Fragments of Eternity

In the vast canvas of time, love sometimes manifests as indelible marks that defy its transient nature. This poem delves into the timeless nature of emotions and the undying marks they leave on our souls.

In the infinite expanse of time and space,

Our love was but a moment’s embrace.

Yet in that fleeting second, it became clear,

Such love transcends a day, a month, a year.


Time may age us, turn youth to dust,

But our love remains, untouched, robust.

For in the grand scheme, where stars do flee,

Our love stands as fragments of eternity.


Though paths have diverged, memories remain,

As persistent as the sun, resilient to rain.

Forever etched in the chronicles of yore,

Our love, a legend, forevermore.

2. Abyss of Emotions

Love, in its depth, can feel like a vast ocean, filled with complexities, mysteries, and wonders. This poem delves deep into the abyss of those feelings, emphasizing the profundity and intensity of past love.

Into the abyss, my heart does dive,

Where memories of us, fervently thrive.

Deeper than the ocean, vaster than the sky,

Is the love I feel, which will never die.


In the silent dark, where secrets do keep,

Echoes of your laughter, your whispers, they seep.

Though surface waves may calm and wane,

The depth holds passion, joy, and pain.


Emerging from the abyss, I draw a breath,

Grateful for the love, even in death.

For deep down, in the core so vast,

Our love’s imprint is forever cast.

3. Engraved in Stone

The strength and permanence of stone is a metaphor for love that withstands the test of time. This poem captures the indelible nature of emotions that remain, even in the face of life’s changing terrains.

Mountains rise, and rivers flow,

Seasons change, with sun and snow.

Yet in the heart, some things remain,

Unmoved by time, joy, or pain.


Like carvings deep in ancient stone,

Our love stands, resilient, alone.

Though winds may erode, and rains might batter,

The essence of our bond doesn’t shatter.


In the annals of time, where histories are sewn,

Our love’s story is brightly shown.

Though we’ve moved on, come what may,

Our love, engraved in stone, will forever stay.

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