20 Poems for Crush to Express Your Love and Their Beauty

Capturing the essence of a crush in words is like bottling stardust—it’s elusive but magical. In this blog post, we delve into the world of poetry to present you with 20 poems that encapsulate the excitement, the awe, and the sheer beauty of having a crush. Let your feelings find their voice!

Cute Crush Poems about Love

1. The Heart’s Whisper

Before you dive into this poem, know that it aims to capture the quiet, subtle emotions that often accompany a crush. It’s a gentle whisper of the heart, yearning for a connection that goes beyond mere words.

In a room so full, yet empty too,

My eyes wander, but find only you.

Your smile, a beacon, in my quiet night,

A glimpse of love, in the simplest light.


Small talk stumbles, words barely said,

My heart speaks volumes, but only in my head.

Butterflies dance, and they have no clue,

They take to the skies, the moment I see you.


Dreams unfold in the canvas of night,

Where you and I dance in soft moonlight.

Yet morning comes, and I wonder anew,

Does your heart whisper, just like mine do?

2. Unspoken Words

This poem is all about the words that we often leave unsaid when we have a crush. It explores the complexity of emotions and the courage it takes to express them, even if only in secret.

In the still of the evening, thoughts awake,

A crush so timid, it feels almost fake.

Yet, here it is, a secret we share,

Whispers in the wind, words in the air.


I see you pass by, I dare not speak,

Yet my soul feels strong, while my knees feel weak.

Longing to hold you, but settling for a smile,

An emotion so pure, it feels juvenile.


What are these words, we dare not say?

Hidden they remain, tucked safely away.

Yet in every smile, and in every sigh,

Unspoken words live, they never truly die.

3. A Glimpse into Forever

“A Glimpse into Forever” is for those who imagine a future with their crush. It encapsulates the daydreams that give us a small preview of what forever could be like, even when “forever” is uncertain.

In my mind, a future so clear,

With you by my side, year after year.

A house, a dog, and laughter too,

A glimpse into forever, with only you.


The mornings bright, the nights so fine,

A single moment stretches, defying time.

The touch of your hand, a promise, a clue,

That dreams can emerge, from skies so blue.


Yet here I sit, in the present so real,

Grasping at futures, my heart wants to seal.

Hope fills my chest, as wide as the sea,

A glimpse into forever, you and me.

4. The Light of My Life

This poem delves into how a crush can bring light into our lives, transforming even the most mundane days into something extraordinary. It’s about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, simply because you’re smitten.

The sun rises, another day unfolds,

Yet its light compares not to what you hold.

A simple glance, a fleeting stare,

You light up my world, beyond compare.


Walking past you, in life’s endless maze,

I find a reason for my heart’s ablaze.

You’re the shimmer on a sea so vast,

A beautiful moment, I wish could last.


The day winds down, the sun takes flight,

Yet in my dreams, you are my light.

For in every fantasy, you’re the theme,

You light up my life, even in a dream.

5. What If?

“What If?” tackles the common questions that float around when you’re smitten with someone. It explores the ‘what ifs’ that can either keep us from moving forward or push us to make a move.

What if I told you, how I really feel?

Would you shy away, or help me heal?

Questions pondered, as I lie awake,

What if my move, is a big mistake?


Yet what if you feel, the way I do?

A secret crush, tucked away from view.

What if together, we find a way,

To turn grey skies into shades of day?


What if we never, ever find out?

Living our lives in perpetual doubt.

I think it’s time, to break the ‘if’ chain,

What if, for once, we let love reign?

6. Hidden in a Smile

This poem describes the ability of a crush to inspire an infectious happiness that’s hard to contain. It talks about how a single smile can express so many unspoken emotions.

A smile so bright, it lights up the room,

Chasing away any impending gloom.

Little do they know, the reason is you,

My world turns bright, from shades of blue.


Hidden in my joy, a secret so sweet,

My heart skips a beat, whenever we meet.

A day feels lost, if you’re not in sight,

Like a sky devoid of stars, in the depth of night.


So let this smile, be my silent song,

An ode to a crush, where my heart belongs.

Hidden in a smile, words so few,

Is a world of meaning, saying ‘I like you.’

7. Puzzle Pieces

This poem is for those who feel like they’ve found their missing puzzle piece in their crush. It encapsulates the idea that sometimes, two people just fit together perfectly, like pieces in a puzzle.

In life’s big picture, we’re puzzle parts,

Searching for matches, to fit our hearts.

Among scattered pieces, one catches my eye,

It’s you, the reason, I can’t say goodbye.


We seem to fit, in a way so divine,

Like constellations in the sky align.

Yet, you’re not aware, of this perfect fit,

In my life’s puzzle, where you could sit.


Someday maybe, you’ll come to see,

How beautiful together, our lives could be.

Two perfect pieces, in a puzzle so vast,

Making sense of present, future, and past.

8. Magic in the Mundane

“Magic in the Mundane” explores how a crush can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It talks about finding magic in daily life, just because a certain someone has entered your world.

Just a normal day, yet it feels so grand,

The moment you pass by, and I see you stand.

The world turns magical, like a fairy-tale scene,

Because of you, the mundane has a different sheen.


Coffee tastes sweeter, the sky looks more blue,

Songs sound lovelier, and it’s all because of you.

Ordinary moments, now milestones in disguise,

Magic in the mundane, seen through my eyes.


So here’s to the magic, may it never wane,

A spell unbroken, in sun or rain.

For as long as my heart beats, one thing will remain,

You are the magic, in my everyday mundane.

9. Echoes in Silence

This poem touches on the notion that even in silence, there is a dialogue between two people who share a mutual attraction. It captures the essence of how unspoken emotions can echo loudly in the hearts of those who are smitten.

In a room filled with noise, yet utterly still,

My eyes catch yours, a silent thrill.

Words unspoken, yet understood,

An echo in silence, I wish I could.


Capture this moment, in a timeless jar,

A silent dialogue, no matter how far.

You look away, yet the echo remains,

A silent chorus, in life’s busy lanes.


Though words may fail, and time slips by,

In every silence, your echo won’t die.

It fills my world, without a spoken plea,

Echoes in silence, between you and me.

10. A Flicker in Time

“A Flicker in Time” delves into the fleeting nature of time and the lasting impressions left by those we secretly admire. It portrays how even a brief interaction can leave a lasting memory, igniting hope for something more.

Our moments are brief, like a flicker in time,

Yet you leave an imprint, hard to define.

A smile exchanged, in a fleeting glance,

Enough to make my hopeful heart dance.


In that second, the world seems small,

Time stands still, answering love’s call.

Even if the clock resumes its rapid chase,

That flicker remains, in its sacred place.


The day moves on, the sun bids adieu,

Yet that flicker burns on, bright and true.

In the book of my life, it’s a highlighted line,

A lasting impression, in a flicker of time.

Cute Crush Poems about Love

Funny Poems to Send to Your Crush

1. Love is Like WiFi

This light-hearted poem compares love to WiFi in a funny but relatable way. Perfect for those who share not just romantic sparks but also a love for technology and humor.

Love is like WiFi, it’s hard to explain,

Why the connection gets weak, when you’re far away.

Like searching for signals, in a crowded place,

My heart only connects, when it sees your face.


Some days you’re the password, I just can’t recall,

Other times, you’re the reason, I have any bars at all.

Like WiFi that’s spotty, when the weather is poor,

My heart’s full signal, when you’re the one I adore.


So let’s be like WiFi, in a coffee shop cozy,

Where the connection is strong, and the future rosy.

Let’s make sure our love, will always be a hit,

Just promise me, you’ll never change the password a bit!

2. Donut Know What To Do

If you and your crush share a love for food—particularly, donuts—then this humorous poem will surely resonate. It’s a whimsical way of saying, “I donut know what I’d do without you!”

I see you walk by, with your sprinkles and glaze,

Just like a donut, you set my heart ablaze.

I dream of the day, when you’ll be my sweet treat,

Sugar and spice, and everything neat.


If love were a bakery, you’d be the best part,

Like the jelly-filled center, of my deep-fried heart.

You’re the coffee to my donut, a perfect pair,

Together, we’d make life a lot easier to bear.


I donut know how to say, you’re the one I choose,

Like picking the best pastry, I’ve got nothing to lose.

This may sound flaky, like a croissant so new,

But I donut know what I’d ever do without you!

3. Star-Crossed in Traffic

This poem will make your crush smile if you both have shared the woes of daily commuting. It’s a cheeky nod to how love can even make traffic jams enjoyable.

Stuck in traffic, what a bore,

Then you pull up, in the car next door.

Honks and sirens, fill the air,

Yet my focus is only, on you right there.


Red light, green light, love’s silly game,

I wonder if you, even know my name.

We share a smile, as the light turns red,

Who knew love could start, in traffic instead?


So here we are, star-crossed but near,

A modern tale, in the commuting sphere.

They say love finds you, in places so tragic,

Who’d have thought, it’d be in weekday traffic?

4. Swipe Right for Love

In the age of digital dating, this poem captures the hilarity of finding a crush through a dating app. It’s a cute, tongue-in-cheek way to say, “I swiped right, and it was the best decision ever.”

Swipe left, swipe right, it’s all the same,

Till I saw your pic, and then love came.

Emojis and GIFs, our love language true,

I swiped right, and found my way to you.


We chat about pizza, and our favorite song,

Who knew love could start, in an app all along?

We share our pet peeves, and what makes us tick,

Like why pineapple on pizza, makes some people sick.


So let’s make a date, and turn off the app,

See if our love, can bridge the tech gap.

One thing’s for sure, in this digital fight,

Swiping right on you, just felt so right!

5. Gym Crush Jitters

For those who find love while trying to get fit, this poem captures the humor and awkwardness of having a crush at the gym. It’s for the ones who think burpees are tough, but talking to their gym crush is tougher.

Here at the gym, we’re both in the zone,

Lifting some weights, and toning our bone.

Yet my toughest workout, and you may agree,

Is lifting my courage, to get you to see me.


You’re on the treadmill, I’m lifting weights,

Working on fitness, but pondering fates.

You run through my mind, more than a mile,

Burning more calories, with each secret smile.


They say love’s a marathon, not a fast sprint,

With gym crush jitters, I get the hint.

So here’s to us, turning gym time to date night,

Because love, just like exercise, is worth the fight!

Funny Poems to Send to Your Crush

Short & Romantic Poems about Crush

1. Moonlit Whispers

This short and romantic poem captures the ethereal beauty of love under the moonlight. It’s perfect for those who find their feelings for their crush deepening as the night falls, turning thoughts into moonlit whispers.

Under the moon, where whispers are heard,

I think of you, unable to say a word.

The night lends courage, as stars twinkle above,

Moonlit whispers, my silent tale of love.


My thoughts find you, in night’s quiet embrace,

Like the moon finds rivers, in their secret place.

A celestial dance, in the canvas so vast,

Where my love for you, is forever cast.


When dawn breaks, the whispers may hide,

Yet my feelings for you, are magnified.

So let the moon stand, as witness to my plea,

Moonlit whispers, forever you and me.

2. A Glimpse, A Sigh

“A Glimpse, A Sigh” encapsulates the awe and wonder that come with glimpsing at your crush. This short, romantic poem celebrates those transient moments that leave a lasting impression on the heart.

A glimpse of you, a moment brief,

Yet it steals my breath, like a love-struck thief.

For in that second, when our eyes collide,

Love writes a story, we cannot hide.


It’s more than a crush, this feeling inside,

Like an ocean’s tide, it’s hard to hide.

A glimpse from you can fuel my day,

A silent power, in every way.


So here’s to glimpses, and sighs we share,

A secret love language, beyond compare.

Though words are scarce, let our glances speak,

A love so strong, yet quiet and meek.

3. Seasons of Love

For those who see their feelings as a constant through changing seasons, “Seasons of Love” is an ode to love’s permanence. It explores the idea that love remains unchanged, regardless of whether leaves fall or flowers bloom.

Spring’s first bloom, or winter’s chill,

In every season, I love you still.

As leaves turn gold, and skies go gray,

My love for you never fades away.


Summer’s heat or autumn’s breeze,

In every whisper of the trees.

From falling snow to springtime’s hive,

With you, my love comes alive.


So let the seasons come and go,

As rivers do, my love will flow.

In every change, one thing is above—

The endless cycle of our seasons of love.

Romantic Poems about Crush

Poems about Your Crush That Doesn’t Like You

1. Unrequited Symphony

“Unrequited Symphony” delves into the emotional labyrinth of loving someone who doesn’t share those feelings. It likens this unrequited love to a one-sided symphony, where only one heart is engaged in the melody of affection.

I play my heart, like a violin’s string,

A solo act, in love’s grand setting.

I hear the notes, I feel the tune,

Yet my love song plays only for the moon.


You pass by, unaware of the score,

My heart aches, but you don’t hear the encore.

In my symphony, you’re the missing chord,

The silent note, that I can’t afford.


So I’ll keep playing, my solo piece,

Hoping one day, this torment will cease.

My unrequited symphony, a sorrowful song,

A tune for a love, that won’t come along.

2. A Love Unseen

“A Love Unseen” captures the anguish of harboring feelings for someone who is oblivious to your affection. This poem talks about the invisibility that comes with unreciprocated love, painting the image of a love that’s like a ghost.

Like a shadow cast, in the sun’s bright beam,

My love for you is but a silent scream.

I’m here, I’m near, yet you don’t see,

My love’s like a ghost, it will never be.


I reach out, but you pass right through,

I’m a mirage to you, that much is true.

My affection hangs, like an unseen mist,

A love ignored, a moment missed.


I haunt the corridors, of your daily life,

A love unseen, cuts like a knife.

Yet still I linger, a specter in your day,

A love unseen, but here to stay.

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