15 Best Poems for Women’s Day (Short, Funny, Inspirational)

Celebrate Women’s Day with a poetic touch! Dive into our curated list of 15 best poems – a mix of humor, inspiration, and brevity – crafted specially to honor the spirit and strength of women. Ready to be charmed? Read on!

Short Women’s Day Poems

1. Blossoming Strength

In this poem, the journey of a woman is depicted as a flower, which despite facing adversities, blossoms into its full beauty and strength.

In gardens where dreams do sprout,

Each petal tells tales of doubt.

Yet as seasons change and shift,

Strength blossoms, giving a lift.


From bud to bloom, she grows,

Facing sun, rain, and snows.

For her spirit, pure and true,

Breaks through the harshest dew.


Bravery in every vein,

For every joy and every pain.

Her journey, a dance so fine,

On Women’s Day, she does shine.

2. Rise and Shine

This poem reflects the indomitable spirit of women who rise against challenges, and illuminates the world around them.

Morning’s first light, she’s awake,

Challenges met, for dreams’ sake.

Glowing with purpose, shining so bright,

Guiding the lost with her internal light.


Eclipsing shadows, dispelling the fear,

With every whisper, she pulls you near.

To tales of battles, both lost and won,

Stories of resilience, never done.


Rise, they say, to greet the dawn,

For it’s in her strength, new hopes are drawn.

Shine on, dear woman, in splendors array,

For every day is your Women’s Day.

3. Women’s Tapestry

This poem describes women as artists of their own lives, weaving intricate tapestries filled with memories, love, and lessons.

Threads of memories, woven tight,

Colors of laughter, tears, and fight.

Each pattern unique, each strand its own,

In the tapestry of life, her essence is shown.


With nimble fingers, she crafts her fate,

Balancing dreams, love, and weight.

For in every fiber, a tale does lie,

Of moments she soared, and times she’d cry.


Life’s loom busy, with her at the helm,

Creating stories, in a vast realm.

For every weave, knot, and play,

Honors her journey on Women’s Day.

4. Pillars of Grace

In this poem, women are likened to the architectural pillars that support and beautify a structure, emphasizing their foundational role in society.

Sturdy as stone, yet soft as air,

Women stand tall, beyond compare.

With grace they hold, life’s ceiling high,

Pillars of strength, touching the sky.


With elegance, they bear the load,

Guiding us all on life’s wide road.

Their laughter and tears, both profound,

Echoing love, in every sound.


Foundation of family, society’s base,

With every challenge, they embrace.

So here’s to women, strong and true,

On Women’s Day, we honor you.

5. Symphony of Sisters

This poem celebrates the harmony and unity among women, comparing their collective strength and voice to a beautiful symphony.

Notes of hope, in life’s grand song,

Together as women, we all belong.

Different tunes, yet harmonized,

In sisterhood’s symphony, we’re prized.


Each voice unique, yet blending so well,

Tales of triumphs and times they fell.

Together they rise, together they sing,

Creating melodies that freedom bring.


For in unity, their power grows,

Stronger than any force that opposes or shows.

On this Women’s Day, let the music play,

For women, the symphony, leading the way.

Women's Day Poems

Inspirational Poems about Women’s Day

1. The Torchbearer

This poem honors the pioneering spirit of women, celebrating them as torchbearers who light the way for others.

In the heart of the darkest night,

She stands tall, holding the light.

Leading the way, dispelling the fear,

For those behind, her path is clear.


With every step, shadows recede,

By her radiant spirit, we all proceed.

Past hurdles and doubts, she paves the way,

For brighter futures, come what may.


The torchbearer of hope, with flame so grand,

Igniting change, with a steady hand.

On this Women’s Day, her light we hail,

For with her guidance, we never fail.

2. Mountains She Moves

This poem draws a parallel between the indomitable spirit of women and their ability to conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges.

They said it’s too high, too tough to climb,

Yet she ascends, time after time.

For mountains may rise, vast and steep,

Yet her will is stronger, her resolve deep.


Each peak she conquers, a testament true,

To the power within, breaking through.

Challenges faced, with grace and might,

Scaling new heights, in pure delight.


Mountains she moves, with passion and play,

Making impossibles possible, day by day.

This Women’s Day, her spirit we toast,

For in her strength, we boast the most.

3. Rivers of Resilience

The poem likens women to rivers, emphasizing their resilience, adaptability, and the nurturing essence they bring to the world.

Like rivers flowing, she winds her way,

Carving canyons, shaping the clay.

Facing boulders, with ripples and grace,

Her journey inspires, at every pace.


Nurturing lands, quenching the thirst,

In challenges faced, she emerges first.

Adapting, evolving, with every tide,

In her resilience, we take pride.


On this Women’s Day, to her we bow,

For the strength she shows, then and now.

Like rivers enduring, she continues to rise,

A beacon of hope, in our eyes.

4. Ode to the Unseen

This poem pays tribute to the countless unnoticed efforts and sacrifices women make daily, emphasizing their silent yet profound impact.

In silent corners, where no eyes see,

Lies the strength of her, of thee.

In unnoticed gestures, small and grand,

She makes her mark, on shifting sand.


Each sacrifice, each step aside,

For dreams deferred, ambitions tied.

Yet in her silence, volumes she speaks,

For love and care, in every technique.


This Women’s Day, the unseen we note,

For every silent letter, every unwritten quote.

Her impact profound, in ways unforeseen,

We celebrate her, the unsung queen.

5. The Alchemist’s Tale

Highlighting the transformative power of women, this poem portrays them as alchemists turning challenges into gold.

With a touch, she changes the game,

Turns trials to triumph, douses the flame.

An alchemist of life, with a golden spell,

In her magic, we all dwell.


Challenges to chances, she does convert,

Pain to power, hurt to assert.

With wisdom old, and heart so pure,

In her embrace, we find the cure.


On Women’s Day, her art we praise,

For turning nights to brighter days.

With every challenge, she redefines the scale,

Such is the alchemist’s triumphant tale.

Inspirational Poems about Women's Day

Funny Poems on Women’s Day

1. The Multi-Tasking Marvel

This poem humorously highlights the uncanny ability of women to juggle multiple tasks with apparent ease.

She can talk, type, and sip her tea,

All at once, as easy as can be.

While painting nails, she plans her day,

Oh, the games multi-tasking women play!


Her phone in one hand, a kid in the other,

Discussing recipes with her mother.

A hat, a cape, heels so high,

Is she a superhero? Oh my!


This Women’s Day, we take a fun peek,

At her chaotic world, never bleak.

For she juggles it all, come what may,

Here’s to her antics, hip hip hooray!

2. The Mystery of The Missing Socks

This lighthearted poem showcases the playful mysteries every woman deals with, like the age-old question of missing socks.

Every laundry day, she ponders why,

One sock goes missing, oh my, oh my!

Does it go on vacation, take a stroll?

Or join a sock-only rock and roll?


Into the washer, pairs they dive,

But solo they emerge, feeling alive!

She scratches her head, looks under the bed,

Where have they fled, those threads of thread?


On Women’s Day, let’s crack the case,

Of missing socks and the chase they base.

For in her world, it’s always a fun fray,

Lost socks, and the games they play!

3. High Heels Hustle

This poem jests about the love-hate relationship women often have with high heels and the dance they perform wearing them.

High heels on, she struts the floor,

A few steps in, her feet implore.

Beauty, they say, requires some pain,

But these shoes? They’re driving her insane!


Wobble here, a stumble there,

A graceful dance, she tries to bear.

Yet by the end, her feet cry ‘no more’,

And those heels? Stashed behind the door.


On Women’s Day, a chuckle we share,

At the heel hustle, and the love affair.

For in those stilettos, stories sway,

Of dance, drama, and Women’s Day play!

4. The Battle of The Bedspread

Drawing from the common humorous debate of bedspread dominance, this poem paints a playful picture of nightly adventures.

Every night, a tug of war does ensue,

Bedspread battles, between him and you.

She claims her half, maybe a bit more,

Till he’s left shivering, dreaming ashore.


By morning, she’s wrapped like a sushi roll,

While he wonders, where did his covers go?

A nightly adventure, under the moon’s ray,

Bedspread battles, in a funny display.


This Women’s Day, we laugh at the spree,

Of nighttime tales and bedspread glee.

For in these moments, love does display,

In chuckles, nudges, and night’s ballet.

5. Coffee Chronicles

An ode to the daily ritual many women have with their beloved coffee, this poem humorously delves into the depths of caffeine love.

Her morning starts, with a coffee cup,

Till it’s drained dry, she won’t wake up.

A splash, a dash, a swirl of cream,

In her coffee dreams, she does beam.


Midday slumps, another brew she seeks,

For that caffeine kick, and rosy cheeks.

Espresso, latte, or just plain black,

Her coffee choices, never lack.


On Women’s Day, her brew we cheer,

For in its depths, her joys appear.

A toast to the mug, and the fun it does convey,

Coffee chronicles, on this Women’s Day!

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