Opposite of Valuable, Antonyms of Valuable (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective/Noun

Meaning/Definition of valuable: Adjective describing something that is of great worth, importance, or usefulness; Noun referring to something that is highly prized or cherished.

What is the Opposite of valuable?

The Opposite of valuable is worthless.

Other Opposites of valuable:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of valuable:

  • a dime a dozen
  • inferior
  • insignificant
  • not worth a button
  • not worth a cent
  • not worth a fig
  • not worth a penny
  • paltry
  • trashy
  • valueless
  • worthless

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Valuable:

  1. The antique vase turned out to be worthless after it was appraised.
  2. His contributions to the project were insignificant and didn’t make a difference.
  3. I found a cheap pair of sunglasses at the store.
  4. She bought an inexpensive necklace that still looked elegant.
  5. The disposable plates were convenient but ultimately worthless.
  6. The argument was trivial and had no bearing on the main issue.
  7. The movie lacked substance and had an insipid
  8. The task seemed meaningless and didn’t contribute to the overall goal.
  9. His opinion was considered inconsequential and didn’t carry much weight.
  10. The book contained meaningless passages that added nothing to the plot.

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