Opposite of Hurt, Antonyms of Hurt (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb/Adjective

Meaning/Definition of hurt: Verb referring to causing physical or emotional pain; Adjective describing the state of being in pain or injured.

What is the Opposite of hurt?

The Opposite of hurt is heal.

Other Opposites of hurt:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of hurt:

  • do better
  • escape
  • get away
  • get better
  • get out of
  • get rid of
  • heal
  • improve
  • pick up
  • recover
  • redeem
  • rescue
  • salvage
  • salve
  • save
  • smooth away

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Hurt:

  1. She healed from the pain and wasn’t hurt anymore.
  2. He didn’t suffer any harm or hurt in the accident.
  3. The situation didn’t cause any pain or hurt; it was resolved peacefully.
  4. Instead of hurt, she experienced comfort and didn’t feel any pain.
  5. The words didn’t wound her; she wasn’t hurt by them.
  6. Instead of hurt, he felt relief and didn’t experience any pain.
  7. The incident didn’t damage her emotionally; she wasn’t hurt by it.
  8. Instead of hurt, she felt joy and didn’t experience any pain or sorrow.
  9. The actions didn’t cause distress or hurt; they were well-intentioned.
  10. Instead of hurt, he felt peace and didn’t experience any pain or anguish.

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