Opposite of Sensitive, Antonyms of Sensitive (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of Sensitive: Adjective describing someone or something that is easily affected, influenced, or harmed emotionally or physically.

What is the Opposite of Sensitive?

The Opposite of Sensitive is Insensitive.

Other Opposites of Sensitive

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of sensitive:

  • unsympathetic
  • unperceptive
  • unfeeling
  • uncaring
  • unaware
  • strong
  • stoic
  • ruthless
  • relentless
  • numb
  • non-sensitive
  • loose
  • laid-back
  • insensitive
  • indifferent
  • impassive
  • ignorant
  • heartless
  • greedy
  • clumsy
  • calm

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Sensitive:

  1. He was insensitive and didn’t consider others’ feelings.
  2. She lacked empathy and didn’t understand others’ emotions.
  3. The person was callous and didn’t show sensitivity towards others.
  4. Instead of being sensitive, he was indifferent and apathetic.
  5. The response was unfeeling and lacked compassion.
  6. She had thick skin and didn’t get easily affected by criticism.
  7. Instead of being sensitive, he was cold-hearted and lacked emotional warmth.
  8. The remark was harsh and showed a lack of sensitivity.
  9. She had no regard for others’ emotions and was thoughtless in her actions.
  10. Instead of being sensitive, he was unresponsive and didn’t react to emotional cues.

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