Opposite of Remember, Antonyms of remember (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb

Meaning/Definition of remember: Verb referring to the act of recalling or retaining information or experiences in one’s mind.

What is the Opposite of remember?

The Opposite of remember is forget.

Other Opposites of remember:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of remember:

  • Misrecollect
  • Lose sight of
  • Fail to bring to mind
  • Unlearn
  • Draw a blank
  • Fail to think of
  • Repress
  • Be ignorant
  • Stop thinking about
  • Be unable to remember
  • Misremember
  • Think no more of
  • Be unable to picture
  • Dismiss from one’s mind
  • Release
  • Lose
  • Dismiss from mind
  • Be unable to recall
  • Kill
  • Be unable to call to mind
  • Overlook
  • Let go
  • Obliterate
  • Disremember
  • Erase from one’s mind
  • Let slip
  • Forget
  • Not recollect
  • Slur over
  • Be unable to summon up
  • Fail to recall
  • Put behind one
  • Leave behind
  • Not recall
  • Calm
  • Overpass
  • Blow
  • Fire
  • Clean forget
  • Restore
  • Fail to remember
  • Let slip from memory
  • Put out of your mind
  • Consign to oblivion
  • Not remember
  • Slight
  • Obliviate

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Remember:

  1. Instead of remembering, he forgot the important details.
  2. She failed to recall the information, forgetting it completely.
  3. The opposite of remember is forget, failing to retain in memory.
  4. Instead of remembering, he omitted the critical piece of information.
  5. The opposite of remember is neglect, failing to pay attention to or remember.
  6. She replaced remembering with overlooking, not taking notice or remembering.
  7. Instead of remembering, he ignored the fact and disregarded it.
  8. The opposite of remember is disregard, paying no attention or significance to.
  9. Instead of remembering, he dismissed the memory as unimportant.
  10. The opposite of remember is neglect, not giving proper attention or remembrance.

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