Opposite Of Allow, Antonyms of Allow (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb

Meaning/Definition of allow: Verb referring to giving permission or consent; permitting or enabling something.

What is the Opposite of allow?

The Opposite of allow is forbid.

Other Opposites of allow:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of allow:

  • ban
  • bar
  • debar
  • decline
  • disallow
  • embargo
  • forbid
  • interdict
  • prevent
  • prohibit

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Allow:

  1. The rules forbid smoking in this area; please extinguish your cigarette.
  2. The sign clearly states that cameras are prohibited in the museum.
  3. The security guard denied him entry to the restricted area.
  4. The teacher disallowed the use of calculators during the exam.
  5. Despite his plea, she refused to lend him any more money.
  6. The lock on the door prevented unauthorized access to the room.
  7. The company has proscribed the use of personal devices during working hours.
  8. The venue restricts outside food and beverages from being brought in.
  9. They decided to withhold the results until further investigation was conducted.
  10. The firewall was set up to block certain websites and online content.

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