Opposite of Follow, Antonyms of Follow(Example Sentences)

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Type: Verb

Meaning/Definition of follow: Verb referring to the act of coming after or going along with someone or something; to pursue or obey.

What is the Opposite of follow?

The Opposite of follow is lead.

Other Opposites of follow:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of follow:

  • cicerone
  • code
  • conductor
  • directory
  • guide
  • guidebook
  • handbook
  • lead
  • manual
  • ordinance
  • pilot
  • pioneer
  • regulations
  • rule
  • standing orders

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Follow:

  1. The teacher asked the students to lead the group activity.
  2. He served as a guide to the tourists, showing them around the city.
  3. The coach directed the players on the soccer field.
  4. The general commanded his troops to advance.
  5. The manager issued an order for everyone to complete the task by the end of the day.
  6. The dictator dictated strict rules and regulations to the citizens.
  7. The supervisor exerted control and dominated the decision-making process.
  8. The laws govern the behavior of citizens within a society.
  9. The CEO was responsible for managing the company’s operations.
  10. The team leader was expected to manage the project from start to finish.

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