Opposite of Float, Antonyms of Float (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb/Noun

Meaning/Definition of float: Verb referring to the act of remaining on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking; Noun describing an object used to support something on or near the surface of a liquid.

What is the Opposite of float?

The Opposite of float is sink.

Other Opposites of float:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of float:

  • Drop
  • Dunk
  • Founder
  • Go under the surface
  • Land
  • Pitch
  • Plunge
  • Sink

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “float”:

  1. The object was too heavy to sink in water.
  2. The rock was thrown into the pond and began to submerge.
  3. The bird started to descend from the sky.
  4. He decided to plunge into the deep pool.
  5. The swimmer prepared to dive into the pool.
  6. The dust particles started to settle on the surface.
  7. The temperature made the ice drop to the bottom.
  8. The leaf detached from the tree and began to fall.
  9. The elevator malfunctioned and began to plummet.
  10. The storm caused the floodwaters to subside.

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