Opposite Of Excellent, Antonyms of Excellent opposiy

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Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of excellent: Adjective describing something of extremely high quality, superior, or outstanding.

What is the Opposite of excellent?

The Opposite of excellent is poor.

Other Opposites of excellent:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of excellent:

  • agreed
  • broad
  • collective
  • common
  • communal
  • consociate
  • diffuse
  • extensive
  • familiar
  • fellow
  • general
  • generic
  • joint
  • known
  • mutual
  • overhead
  • pervasive
  • prevalent
  • proverbial
  • public
  • widespread

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Excellent:

  1. The quality of the work was poor and far from excellent.
  2. His performance was considered mediocre at best.
  3. The product they delivered was of inferior
  4. The outcome was average and subpar compared to expectations.
  5. The result was rather unremarkable and lacked any exceptional qualities.
  6. The service they provided was ordinary and unremarkable.
  7. The feedback received was only satisfactory, not outstanding.
  8. They delivered a product that was substandard and fell short of expectations.
  9. The work they produced was below par and adequate at best.
  10. The performance met the minimum requirements but was not excellent.

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