Opposite of extreme, Antonyms of extreme (Example Sentences)

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Type: Adjective/Noun

Meaning/Definition of extreme: Adjective describing something that is very intense, severe, or excessive; Noun referring to the highest or farthest point.

What is the Opposite of extreme?

The Opposite of extreme is moderate.

Other Opposites of extreme:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of extreme:

  • average
  • casual
  • common
  • commonplace
  • equated
  • mean
  • medium
  • nondescript
  • normal
  • ordinary
  • par

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Extreme:

  1. She had a moderate approach and didn’t engage in extreme behaviors.
  2. He had a balanced perspective and didn’t take things to the extreme.
  3. The person practiced moderation and didn’t exhibit extreme tendencies.
  4. Instead of extreme, she had a temperate response to the situation.
  5. The action was reasonable and not taken to the extreme.
  6. He didn’t display radical beliefs or engage in extreme ideologies.
  7. Instead of extreme, she had a tempered reaction and didn’t go to extremes.
  8. The viewpoint was modest and not characterized by extreme stances.
  9. Instead of extreme, he had a measured approach and considered all factors.
  10. The behavior was restrained and didn’t exhibit extreme reactions.

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