List of Conjunctive Adverbs with Examples

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Conjunctive Adverbs are the parts of speech that are used to join and connect separate words, phrases, or clauses. i.e. We wanted to spend the day at the Zoo; however, it rained so we had to cancel our plan. ‘However’ connects the two clauses, and it is a conjunctive adverb.

List of Conjunctive Adverbs

Here is a cool list of Conjunctive Adverbs:

  1. Accordingly: He was late; accordingly, we started without him.
  2. Consequently: She forgot her lines; consequently, the play stalled.
  3. Hence: It’s raining hard; hence, the picnic is canceled.
  4. Therefore: You didn’t reply; therefore, we left.
  5. Then: They whispered; then silence fell.
  6. First/Next: Wash your hands; first/next, join dinner.
  7. Finally: The test ended; finally, relief washed over me.
  8. Furthermore: He’s qualified; furthermore, he’s experienced.
  9. In addition: She’s smart; in addition, she’s very creative.
  10. Moreover: We lost the game; moreover, we played poorly.
  11. Before: Study hard; before, play outside.
  12. Meanwhile: She cooked; meanwhile, I cleaned.
  13. Since: Since you asked, I’ll tell you.
  14. Now: It’s late; now, we should go.
  15. Lately: He’s been tired lately, needing rest.
  16. Rather: I’d prefer tea; rather than coffee.
  17. However: I agreed; however, I had doubts.
  18. Instead: Use email; instead of mailing letters.
  19. Inspite of: He smiled; inspite of the bad news.
  20. But: It’s risky, but let’s try it.
  21. Indeed: She won; indeed, she celebrated.
  22. Of course: You’re right; of course, we’ll follow.
  23. Certainly: It’s cold; certainly, wear your coat.
  24. Definitely: I’ll join; definitely, count me in.
  25. Undoubtedly: It will work; undoubtedly, trust me.
  26. Briefly: Explain briefly; we’re short on time.
  27. Merely: It was merely a misunderstanding.
  28. Quickly: She nodded, then turned quickly away.
  29. In conclusion: In conclusion, practice improves skills.
  30. In summary: In summary, the results were positive.
  31. For example: Eat fruits daily; for example, apples or bananas.
  32. For instance: For instance, take brisk walks for health.
  33. Namely: Cats, namely, Siamese, can be very vocal.
  34. Typically: Dogs typically enjoy long walks.
  35. Representatively: She speaks representatively for the group.
  36. Like/As: He runs like/as the wind, very fast.
  37. Likewise: She responded likewise to the greeting.
  38. Similarly: Their ideas were similarly innovative.
  39. Additionally: Additionally, there’s a second option.
  40. Also: He’s late, also unprepared for the meeting.
  41. Conversely: Conversely, cold weather makes me energized.
  42. Subsequently: She thanked everyone and subsequently left.
  43. Thereafter: Graduation finished; thereafter, celebrations began.
  44. Thus: All were busy; thus, the room buzzed.
  45. Nevertheless: It rained hard; nevertheless, the event went on.
  46. Nonetheless: The task was tough; nonetheless, she succeeded.

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