10 Irregular Adverbs List in English with Definition and Infographics

Irregular adverbs basically do not follow the rule of –LY(Adverbs with -Ly). Most of the time they are the same as adjectives. Irregular adverbs are those adverbs that are not formed from Standard English spelling conventions.

The only way to differentiate irregular adverbs is to memorize them, As irregular adverbs do not follow any specific rule and you have to memorize them to differentiate them from other adverbs.

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Irregular Adverbs

Irregular Adverbs in English

Below is the list of Irregular Adverbs in English:

Adjectives Irregular Adverbs
Daily Daily
Early Early
Far Far
Fast Fast
Hard Hard
Late Late
Lively Lively
Straight Straight
Good Well
Wrong Wrong/ Wrongly


List of irregular verbs

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