List of Animal Sounds from A to Z PDF and Infographics

List of Animal Sounds from A to Z PDF!

List of Animal Sounds from A to Z

Animals are the interesting creature of God and it is always interesting and full of fun to know about them. In this lesson, I am going to provide you with some common animal names along with their different sound.

This lesson also provides you a picture of every unique animal on the list along with its sound, which will be very helpful for kids.

List of Animal Sounds From a to z

Armadillo grunt
Ape moo
Ant cry
Alligator bellow, hiss
Aardvark bark, grunt
Crow bleats, grunts
Crocodile bellow, hiss
Crickets chirp, creak
Crane roar, growl, bellow, bray
Coyote bell,troat
Cows low, moo
Cocks crow
Cockroach hiss
Cockerel crows
Chimpanzee chatter, gibber
Chicks cheep
Chicken chuck, cluck
Cheetah bleat, chirp
Cattle moo, low, bawl, bellow
Cat mew, purr, meow, hiss
Camel nuzzing, grunt
Calves bleat
Buffalo drone
Bittern growl, boom
Birds chirrup, chirp, twitter, sing, whistle
Beetle gibber, drone
Bee hum and buzz
Beaver utter
Bear pink, fink
Bat poo
Badger growl
Duck honk, cackle, clang
Dove coo
Donkeys bray
Donkey buzz
Dolphins click
Dogs bark
Dog bark, bay
Deer bray, hee-haw
Ducks quack
Eagle squawk
Elephants trumpet, roar
Frog croak
Foxes bark, yelp, simper
Fly clang
Flies buzz, hum
Fish blub, glug, swish
Ferret chirp, churr
Guinea Pig squeak, wheek
Grouse squawk
Grasshoppers chirp
Grasshopper quack
Gorilla grunt
Goose sloquawk
Goat drum
Giraffe cry
Gerbil purr
Geese cackle, quack
Hyena scream, bellow, wail
Hummingbirds hum
Humans whisper, whistle, scream, sing, talk
Horse neigh, whinny
Hornet hum, buzz, murmur
Hogs grunt
Hippopotamus yelp, cry
Hens cackle, cluck
Hawk scram
Hare squeak
Hamster trumpet
Jackals howl
Kangaroo chatter, grunt, cluck,
Koalas scream, bellow, wail
Lambs bleat
Lark sings
Lions roar, growl
Mouse peep, squeak
Mosquitoes whine
Moose bellow
Monkeys chatter, whoop, screech
Mice squeak and squeal
Nightingales pipe, sing, warble
Oxen bellow, low
Owls hoot, scream, shriek
Owl hoot, screech,
Otter meow, squeak
Ostriches chirp, bark, low hum
Possum growl, click, hiss
Porpoise chitter
Porcupine mumble, grunt, snuff
Polar Bear growl
Pigs snort, grunt, squeal, oink
Pigeon coo
Penguin honk, bleat
Peacocks scream
Parrots talk, screech, squawk
Panda huff-quack, whistle
Rooster crow
Rook hiss
Rhinoceros bellow
Raven croak
Rat squeak
Raccoon groan
Rabbits squeak, drum
Turtle scream
Turkey gobbles
Tigers growl, roar
Termite thump, rattling
Swan hiss, grunt
Swallow twitters
Squirrel squeak
Spider hiss
Sparrow pipe, warble,
Snake hiss
Snail rawr, cry
Sheep baa, bleat
Shark neigh, whinny
Seals bark
Seagulls scream, squawk
Seagull screams
Sea Lion bark
Viper scream
Vultures scream
Wren warbles
Woodpecker click, laugh, yap
Wombat growl
Wolves howl, cry, yell
Whale sing
Wallaby chatter, cluck
Yak grunt
Zebras whinny

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Infographics (List of Animal Sounds from A to Z)

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