List of Animals and their homes Pdf

List of Animals and their homes Pdf!

Animals are the most beautiful creature of this universe and there are a lot of animal species that live in their houses and the most loved thing about animal homes is that they make their homes by themselves.

Remember most animals lived in groups and there are different types of animal species with different types of homes and shelters.

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List of Animals and their Homes

Here is a precise list of some common animals along with the name of their homes:

Porpoise sea, aquarium
Hippopotamus river banks
Chimpanzee  tree
Cat cattery, lair, den
Goat locker, pen
Sealion nest
Whale whaler
Sheep fold, pen
Armadillo burrow
Hyena den
Man house
Moose moosey land
Badger hole, sett
Giraffe safari
Yak hill, mountain, barn
Dolphin dolphinarium
Crocodile  nest
Spider web
Snail shell
Viper hole, burrow
Guinea Pig hutch, cage
Beetle land (tunnel)
Otter hole, couch, holt, lodge
Possum tree, forest
Grouse nest
Donkey stable, barn, shed
Snake burrow, ophidarium, snakery
Rhinoceros savannah, wallow
Monkey tree
Aardvark burrow, den
Cheetah safari, savanna
Camel desert
Penguin penguinery
Gorilla nest
Hare farm
Cockroach homes, sewers, privies
Cow  shed, pen
Cattle barn, byre, pasture, stable
Termite termitarium, mound
Leopard safari, savanna
Ant hill
Raccoon den, burrow
Ferret cage
Kangaroo hollow tree
Turtle sea
Llama Hut
Bull cattle shed
Hornet hive
Frog froggery, ranarium
Ape logging, nest
Wombat burrow
Koala tree
Chicken Coop
Fish water aquarium, vivary, pond
Hamster cage
Panda bamboo tree
Squirrel dray
Wallaby hollow tree
Alligator nest
Porcupine burrow, hollow trunk
Rabbit burrow
Mole burrow, fortress, tunnel
Buffalo barn, byre, pasture, stable
Bee beehive
Mouse hole
Fly cracks, crevasse
Wolf lair, den
Tiger lair
Shark sea
Cat cage
Deer  grasslands
Rook rookery
Horse stable
Rat nest, hole
Fox burrow, hole, lair
Bear den, cave large forest
Lion den
Pig cote, pen, sty
Grasshopper grassland
Dog kennel
Gerbil gerbilarium
Zebra jungle, safari, veldts
Elephant jungle, dip-wad, nest
Polar bear hole, burrow

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Infographics (List of Animals and their Homes)

Frogs Lives in Forgery

List of Animals and their Homes

The beetle lives in Tunnels

homes names of animals

Snail lives in Shells

homes names of animals

Viper lives in Hole

homes names of animals

Giraffe lives in safari

camel home name

Yak lives in a barn

yak home name

The crocodile lives in Nest

crocodile home name

The spider lives in Web

animals homes

Badger Lives in Holes

badger home name

Moose lives in Moose land

moose home name

Ant Lives in Hills

ant home name

Hyenas Lives in Den

hyenas home name

Chetas lives in savannas

cheetahs home name

Penguin lives in Penguinery

penguin home name

Goat lives in the Locker

lamb home name

Whale lives in Whaler

whale home name

Chimpanzee lives on Trees

animal homes with images

Hares live in farms

animal homes with images

Porpoise lives in Sea

animal homes with images


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