10 Land Transport Name List and Pictures

Land transport refers to the movement of people, goods, and cargo on land through various means such as cars, buses, trains, and trucks.

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Land Transport Name

Car Car
Motorcycle Motorcycle
Bicycle Bicycle
Bus Bus
Train Train
Truck Dump Truck
Scooter scooter
Tram Tram
Segway Segway
Skateboard Skateboard

Land Transport Name

Land Transport Name and Definitions

  1. Car: A four-wheeled motor vehicle designed for transportation on roads.
  2. Motorcycle: A two-wheeled motor vehicle with an engine, designed for one or two riders.
  3. Bicycle: A two-wheeled vehicle powered by pedals, usually propelled by human effort.
  4. Bus: A large road vehicle designed to carry numerous passengers along scheduled routes.
  5. Train: A long, connected series of railway cars or wagons, typically used for transporting people or goods.
  6. Truck: A large motor vehicle used for transporting goods or materials.
  7. Scooter: A two-wheeled vehicle with a small engine or electric motor, designed for one person and primarily used for short-distance travel.
  8. Tram: A vehicle that runs on tracks, typically on urban streets, and is used to carry passengers.
  9. Segway: A two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle primarily used for personal transportation.
  10. Skateboard: A narrow board with four wheels, ridden by a person to glide or perform tricks.

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