10 Air Transport Name List and Pictures

Air transport refers to the movement of people, goods, and cargo by aircraft, enabling fast and efficient travel over long distances.

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Air Transport Name

Airplane Airplane
Helicopter Helicopter
Hot air balloon Hot air balloon
Glider Glider
Drone Drone
Zeppelin Zeppelin
Paraglider Paraglider
Hang glider Hang glider
Jetpack Jetpack
Rocket Rocket

Air Transport Name

Air Transport Name and Definitions

  1. Airplane: A powered flying vehicle with fixed wings and a jet or propeller engine, designed for transportation of passengers or cargo.
  2. Helicopter: A rotary-wing aircraft with one or more large horizontal rotors, capable of vertical takeoff and landing.
  3. Hot air balloon: A large balloon filled with hot air that allows it to rise and float, typically used for recreational rides or as a platform for aerial photography.
  4. Glider: An unpowered aircraft designed for flying without an engine, relying on air currents and gravity for propulsion and lift.
  5. Drone: An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be remotely controlled or operate autonomously, used for various purposes such as aerial photography, surveillance, or package delivery.
  6. Zeppelin: A type of airship characterized by a rigid structure and filled with gas, typically used for passenger travel or military purposes.
  7. Paraglider: A lightweight, free-flying aircraft consisting of a fabric wing and a harness, where the pilot is suspended below and controls the glider through weight shifting.
  8. Hang glider: A non-motorized aircraft consisting of a large wing-like structure and a harness, allowing the pilot to glide through the air by taking advantage of air currents.
  9. Jetpack: A personal propulsion device worn on the back, typically fueled by jet engines or rockets, enabling short flights or vertical takeoff and landing.
  10. Airship: A lighter-than-air aircraft that is powered and steerable, such as a blimp or dirigible, often used for advertising, aerial observation, or passenger transportation.

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