How to Ask for Directions in English -50 Ways to Ask

Asking for Directions in English! Learn some brilliant ways to ask for direction in English. Learn how to ask for direction in English with some easy-to-understand English phrases.

How to Ask for Direction in English

  1. Am I close to a hospital?
  2. Am I heading in the right direction to the police station?
  3. Am I on the right road to the Blackbird restaurant?
  4. Are we on the right road to Louis Hotel?
  5. Can I follow you?
  6. Can you give me directions to the nearest bus stop?
  7. Can you show me on the map?
  8. Can you show me which way to go using the map?
  9. Can you tell me how to get to the bookstore from here?
  10. Can you tell me the best way of getting to your office?
  11. Could you help me, please? I’m looking for the bank
  12. Could you please guide me?
  13. Could you please point me in the direction of Times Square?
  14. Do you have a map?
  15. Do you know how to get to the gallery? I’ve never been there before
  16. Do you know the train station?
  17. Do you know where the closest post office is?
  18. Does this bus go to the center?
  19. Excuse me! Can you tell me the way to the museum?
  20. Excuse me! Could you give me a few directions? I am lost way
  21. Excuse me! Could you tell me how to get to the bookstore?
  22. Excuse me! Could you tell me where the closest bank is?
  23. Excuse me! Do you know where the church is?
  24. Excuse me! How do I get to the post office?
  25. Excuse me! I’m afraid I can’t find a petrol station. Do you know where one is?.
  26. Excuse me! I’m lost. Could you please help me find 5th Avenue?.
  27. Excuse me! Is there a hospital near here?
  28. Excuse me! Please could you tell me the way to Fairfax Street?
  29. Excuse me! Where is the airport?
  30. How do I find the Thai restaurant?
  31. How do you get to the bus stop?
  32. I am looking for this address, am I in the right place?
  33. I wonder if you could help me? I’m looking for the nearest bank
  34. In which direction is the nearest Gas Station?
  35. Is there a sports shop around here?
  36. Is there a supermarket near here?
  37. Is this the right way to Brington Resort?
  38. May I ask for some help? I need to get to the CN Tower
  39. May I ask where the Marriott Hotel is?
  40. May I ask you how to get to the Eaton Centre?
  41. Pardon me! I’m lost. How do I get to the cafe?.
  42. Please tell me how I get to your apartment?
  43. Sorry to bother you, but would you mind showing me the way to the post office?
  44. Sorry to disturb you, but I’m lost. I’m looking for the Sydney Opera House.
  45. What direction should I take?
  46. What’s the best way to the supermarket?
  47. What’s the easiest way to get to the nearest cinema from here?
  48. What’s the quickest way of getting to the supermarket?
  49. Where can I find the nearest bakery?
  50. Where is the chemist?
  51. Which road should I take to get to the library?
  52. Which way do I go to get to the beach?
  53. Will you please tell me where the library is?
  54. Would you show me the way to the clothes shop?

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