30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Engaged

Funny Ways to Say You’re Engaged

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Engaged:

  1. We’re officially off the market!
  2. We’ve upgraded to Engaged Mode.
  3. Hitched, hooked, and happy!
  4. It’s official: I found my lobster!
  5. We’re taking the plunge into eternal togetherness.
  6. Putting a ring on it, and a lifetime of adventure begins!
  7. Commencing Operation ‘Happily Ever After’!
  8. Time to start planning the best party of our lives!
  9. Love put a ring on our fingers and sparkle in our eyes.
  10. Locked in for a lifetime of love and laughter.
  11. We’re in the Wedding Planning rabbit hole now!
  12. Our love story just got a shiny new chapter.
  13. Two souls, one unbreakable bond.
  14. I said yes, and now we’re saying I do.
  15. Cue the confetti, we’re getting hitched!
  16. Love struck, and now we’re engaged in happily ever after.
  17. He asked, I said, About time! 💍
  18. The adventure of a lifetime starts with a single Yes!
  19. We’re riding the wave of love straight into marriage.
  20. Ready to embark on the crazy journey called wedding planning!
  21. Engaged: Because two heads are better at wedding planning than one.
  22. Found my person and a shiny new accessory!
  23. From me and you to we and us!
  24. Joining forces, sharing lives, and wearing bling!
  25. Fiancée Mode activated. Prepare for wedding frenzy!
  26. Put a ring on it, and now we’re on cloud nine.
  27. We’re upgrading our relationship status to Forever.
  28. Planning a wedding: Because eloping wasn’t chaotic enough!
  29. Taking the next step on this crazy ride called love.
  30. With this ring, I thee wed to a lifetime of joy and laughter.


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