30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Crying

Funny Ways to Say I’m Crying

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Crying.

  1. I’m leakin’ from my peepers!
  2. My face faucets are on.
  3. I’ve got a saltwater spill happening here.
  4. The tear tap’s turned on.
  5. My eyeballs are sweating.
  6. Emotional sprinkler system activated!
  7. Crying? Nah, I’m just marinating my cheeks.
  8. My peepers are doing the waterworks dance.
  9. Giving my cheeks a hydration session.
  10. I’m doing a face cleanse – the organic way.
  11. My tear ducts are throwing a party.
  12. It’s just a little eye-drizzle.
  13. I swear, they’re just happy leaks!
  14. The eyelid dams have broken.
  15. The old ocular hoses are at it again.
  16. My eyeballs are taking a shower.
  17. I’m reenacting a dramatic movie scene, okay?
  18. Having a liquid emotion moment.
  19. Eyes are just being over-dramatic.
  20. I’m just irrigating my face farm.
  21. Eyes do sweat, right?
  22. I’ve got a face waterfall going on.
  23. I’m testing my new face sprinklers.
  24. There’s a monsoon on my cheeks!
  25. I swear, it’s just my eyes telling salty tales.
  26. My lashes decided to go for a swim.
  27. Raindrops keep falling from my head…well, eyes.
  28. Just giving my face a mini-rain shower.
  29. I’ve got Niagara Falls in my eyes.
  30. I’m hosting a face flood.


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