30 Funny Ways to Say Adults Only

Funny Ways to Say Adults Only

Below are 30 funny ways to say adults only:

  1. For Grown-Ups’ Eyes Only
  2. Leave the Kids at Home
  3. No Minors Allowed
  4. Restricted to the Over-18 Crew
  5. Adult Supervision Required (or Not)
  6. Rated M for Mature
  7. Keep Out, Kiddos!
  8. This One’s a Parental Puzzle
  9. Strictly 21 and Up
  10. Children, Cover Your Ears
  11. Adults-ville, Population: You
  12. Reserved for the Full-Grown Crowd
  13. Parental Advisory: Laughs Ahead
  14. Operation Adults-Only Commences
  15. Kiddie-Free Zone
  16. Welcome to the Land of Age Restrictions
  17. Where the PG-13 Stops
  18. Only for Those with Gray Hair (or Not)
  19. Rated E for Everyone Over 21
  20. No Strollers Allowed
  21. Caution: Adult Content (of the Funny Kind)
  22. Age of Admission: 18 and Wrinkled
  23. Kids, You Can’t Sit With Us
  24. Parents, Please Set Your Humor to ‘R’
  25. Big Jokes, Small Children Need Not Apply
  26. 18 and Older – ID Required
  27. Reserved Seating for Grown-Up Gigglers
  28. Jokes That Are Older Than You
  29. The Chuckle Zone: For Adults Only
  30. Grab Your ID and Get Ready to Laugh


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Funny Ways to Say Adults Only