30 Funny Ways to Say Yes With A Question

Funny Ways to Say Yes With A Question

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Yes With A Question:

  1. Do bears dance in the woods?
  2. Is a unicorn’s horn pointy?
  3. Does Dolly Parton play the banjo?
  4. Is the Pope Catholic?
  5. Do fish swim in water?
  6. Do marshmallows belong in hot chocolate?
  7. Can penguins slide on their bellies?
  8. Would a witch ride a broom?
  9. Does a dog wag its tail when happy?
  10. Does a cow say ‘moo’?
  11. Would a pirate say ‘Arrr’?
  12. Does Superman wear his underwear on the outside?
  13. Does a pizza come in a circle?
  14. Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
  15. Do mermaids have the best sea-shells?
  16. Do I love pizza on Fridays?
  17. Would a zombie want brains for dinner?
  18. Is a snowman cold to the touch?
  19. Can a wizard wave a wand?
  20. Is spaghetti best served with meatballs?
  21. Are there stars in the sky at night?
  22. Does a cactus give free hugs?
  23. Would a vampire avoid a tanning salon?
  24. Do kangaroos hop for fun?
  25. Does chocolate go with everything?
  26. Do cats think they own the place?
  27. Does the sun rise in the east?
  28. Would a monkey love a banana?
  29. Can a duck quack?
  30. Is a rainbow colorful?


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