30+ Creative Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush

Creative Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush!

1- Send them a text message and say, “Hello Gorgeous!”

2- Invite them out for coffee or ice cream.

3- Start up a conversation with something relevant to their interests.

4- Wave and smile when you pass by each other.

5- Write cute little notes on sticky notes and leave them around.

6- Ask if they want to come hang out with you and your friends.

7- Mention something funny you heard recently and ask for their opinion on it.

8- Go up to them in person and simply say, “Hi!”

9- Use a GIF or meme that you think they might find funny.

10- Send them a song that reminds you of them.

11- Ask them for help on something non-intimidating.

12- Start a conversation by asking about their day.

13- Comment on one of their pictures or posts.

14- Share an article or video that you think they might like.

15- Give a compliment about something you noticed them wearing or doing.

16- Tell them one of your embarrassing stories and ask for their opinion.

17- Exchange numbers and send a text saying, “What’s up?”

18- Offer to help them with something they’re struggling with.

19- Ask for their opinion on something you’re passionate about.

20- Invite them to a game night or movie night with friends.

21- Introduce yourself and your friends to them in a nonthreatening way.

22- Leave a cute message on their voicemail.

23- Ask them about their favorite places to go and what they like to do for fun.

24- Make a joke out of something you have in common.

25- Compliment them on their skills or talents.

26- Send them a picture of yourself with a cute caption.

27- Talk to them about their favorite band or musician.

28- Ask them what book they’re currently reading.

29- Invite them out for a casual lunch date.

30- Make eye contact and smile when you see them.

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Creative Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush 2

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