30 Funny Ways to Say Death/Died

Funny Ways to Say Death/Died

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Death/Died:

  1. Kicked the bucket
  2. Bought the farm
  3. Bit the dust
  4. Pushing up daisies
  5. Met their maker
  6. Checked out
  7. Joined the choir invisible
  8. Popped their clogs
  9. Went to the big sleep
  10. Became worm food
  11. Crossed the great divide
  12. Took the express elevator to the afterlife
  13. Danced the final tango
  14. Became a permanent resident of the beyond
  15. Became an ex-human
  16. Got their wings
  17. Started a new chapter in the hereafter
  18. Left the mortal coil
  19. Went to the eternal party
  20. Entered the pearly gates
  21. Became stardust
  22. Hung up the mortal coil
  23. Became a ghost’s Facebook friend
  24. Checked into the cosmic hotel
  25. Became an astral traveler
  26. Went on a one-way trip to the unknown
  27. Became a late, great legend
  28. Started haunting the halls of eternity
  29. Disappeared into the great void
  30. Became a part of history’s mysteries


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Funny Ways to Say Death