30 Funny Ways to Say Present In Class

Funny Ways to Say Present In Class

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Present In Class:

  1. Yo!
  2. Present and not yet caffeinated!
  3. Here, but where’s my coffee?
  4. Roll call rockstar, that’s me!
  5. Surprisingly on time!
  6. Did someone summon me?
  7. Counted, not stirred.
  8. Guess who managed to find their way today?
  9. Is there a prize for attendance?
  10. Yep, I crawled out of bed for this!
  11. You rang?
  12. Not a clone, promise!
  13. Here and only 3 coffees deep!
  14. Attendance superstar, right here!
  15. Here, but there’s a 50% chance I’m daydreaming.
  16. Barely made it, but here!
  17. Spotted! Me in my natural habitat.
  18. Locked in and (somewhat) loaded!
  19. Here, with bells on! (Figuratively, of course).
  20. I braved traffic for this moment!
  21. Still kickin’ and ticking!
  22. Present, with sprinkles on top!
  23. Beep beep! That’s my ‘I’m here’ horn.
  24. In the house and not in my pajamas!
  25. Did someone say tacos? Oh, wait, the wrong call. I’m here though!
  26. Here, but mentally in a doughnut shop.
  27. Present, not a zombie!
  28. .. but here!
  29. Still searching for my brain, but my body’s here!
  30. Ready for action! Or, you know, just class.


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