50+ Funny Ways to Say Darling

Funny Ways to Say Darling! When you want to show someone you care and express tenderness, there are few better words than “darling”. This small and simple term has been used for centuries to convey affection and kindness – but how about shaking it up with some fun alternatives?

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic looking for sweet new nicknames or searching for something funny to say when things get too serious between you and your special someone, here are some unique ways of letting them know how much they mean to you!

1- Sweetie Pie
2- Honey Bunny
3- Sugar Plum
4- Darling Sweetheart
5- Love Muffin
6- Cutie Patootie
7- Snookums
8- Sweet Cheeks
9- Chubby Bun
10- Pooh Bear
11- Baby Cakes
12- Sugar Buns
13- Sweet Pea
14- Cuddle Bug
15- Love Nugget
16- Munchkin
17- Bubalah
18- Sugarplum Fairy
19- Sweet Thang
20- Darling Angel
21- Little Pookie
22- Lovebud
23- Sweetums
24- Honey Bunches
25- Pumpkin Pie
26- Little One
27- Sunshine Pie
28- Joyful Heart
29- Cuddle Bunny
30- Honey Bunchkins
31- Peaches and Cream
32- Lovey Dovey
33- Precious Heart
34- Sugar Lips
35- Sweet Potato Pie
36- Sweetheart Darling
37- Honey Pie
38- Cupcake Cuties
39- Snooker Poohs
40- Little Darling
41- Snug Bug
42- Sugar Booger
43- Loving Cupcake
44- Little Honeybee
45- Sweet Hearted Darling
46- Goofy Nugget
47- Love Muffin Pie
48- Giggles and Smiles
49- Marvelous Miracle
50- Sweetheart Pie

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