30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Down

Funny Ways to Say I’m Down

Below are the 30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Down:

  1. I’m in like Flynn!
  2. Sign me up for that wild rodeo!
  3. Let’s boogie with that idea!
  4. I’m more in than a belly button.
  5. Throw me in the pot and let’s stew it!
  6. Toss me into that salad of an idea!
  7. If that’s the ride, I’ve got my seatbelt on!
  8. Put a cherry on top, because I’m in!
  9. I’m game if you’re not playing Monopoly.
  10. Slap my name on that guest list!
  11. I’m in like the last slice of pizza at a party.
  12. I’m down like a clown in a gown in Chinatown.
  13. Drop the beat, because I’m dancing to this tune!
  14. I’m more down than a duck during hunting season.
  15. I’m plugging into that matrix!
  16. I’m diving in, hope it’s not the shallow end!
  17. I’m more in than an overeager squirrel in winter.
  18. I’m as in as peanut butter is in jelly.
  19. I’m in like a kangaroo in a pouch.
  20. I’m as in as sprinkles on ice cream.
  21. Let’s tango with that tangerine idea!
  22. Let’s roll like a pair of mismatched socks!
  23. Color me interested!
  24. Ring my bell, because that elevator’s going up and I’m on it!
  25. Dial me in, Captain!
  26. If that’s the circus, I’m the main act!
  27. I’m in like a cat at a fish market.
  28. Let’s rock it like a karaoke night!
  29. Put me on that funky train!
  30. Count my chickens before they hatch!


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Funny Ways to Say I'm Down