30 Funny Ways to Say I’m On My Period

Funny Ways to Say I’m On My Period

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I’m On My Period:

  1. Aunt Flo is in town.
  2. The crimson wave has arrived.
  3. My uterine party has started.
  4. It’s a ‘red alert’ kind of day.
  5. Time for the monthly crime scene investigation.
  6. I’m riding the cotton pony.
  7. My uterus is throwing a fiesta.
  8. The strawberry fields are blooming.
  9. I’m visiting Camp Menstruation.
  10. My inner Picasso is painting the town red.
  11. The gift that keeps on giving has arrived.
  12. Channeling my inner vampire mood.
  13. The floodgates are open.
  14. I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions and hormones.
  15. Commencing operation ‘Red Cross Rescue’.
  16. My ovaries are throwing a parade.
  17. The tomato soup factory is in full swing.
  18. Shark week has officially started.
  19. Time to rock the ‘bloody battle’ outfit.
  20. My monthly subscription box is here.
  21. The red dragon is awake.
  22. Unleashing the Kraken.
  23. I’m in a ‘seeing red’ state of mind.
  24. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ‘Code Red’ time.
  25. The elevator to the uterus spa is open.
  26. Wearing my ‘period armor’ with pride.
  27. Dealing with the ‘red menace’ today.
  28. My body’s painting the town red, literally.
  29. The ‘Crimson Crusader’ has returned.
  30. I’m in a ‘bloody good’ mood.


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Funny Ways to Say I'm On My Period