50+ Funny Ways to Say Welcome Back

Funny Ways to Say Welcome Back!

1- Glad you’re back in the saddle!

2- I’m tickled pink to see you again!

3- You must have missed us because here you are again!

4- The gang’s all here now that you’re back.

5- Welcome back, it’s been too long!

6- It’s great to have you back in the fold.

7- The prodigal returns!

8- Howdy pardner, you’re back!

9- Good day sunshine! Welcome back!

10- You made it back alive! Phew!

11- Come on in and make yourself at home again.

12- The party is just getting started now that you’re here!

13- Did ya miss us? We sure missed you!

14- Let the good times roll, you’re back!

15- Welcome home, it’s been way too long.

16- Our circle is complete again with your return.

17- It’s not the same without you – so glad you’re back!

18- Hey there, we’ve been expecting you!

19- What took you so long? Welcome back!

20- Break out the bubbly, you’re home again!

21- Hooray, it’s a celebration!

22- Welcome back to the madhouse!

23- It’s good to have you back among the living.

24- Hey, guess who’s back in town? You are!

25- Well if it isn’t our favorite guest! Welcome back!

26- Glad to see your smiling face again.

27- Welcome home, we’ve saved you a seat!

28- Glad to have you back in the family.

29- Your presence is requested – welcome back!

30- About time, you’re finally here!

31- Hey, long time no see! Welcome back!

32- Glad to see you back in action.

33- We’ve been expecting you – welcome home!

34- Howdy, stranger! Welcome back!

35- As promised, you’re here again. Welcome!

36- It’s been too quiet without you – welcome back!

37- Don’t be a stranger, welcome back!

38- Missing you was so last week – welcome back!

39- Welcome to the show, take your seat!

40- From away and back again – welcome home.

41- Glad to have you around here again. Welcome!

42- Let’s get this party started – you’re back!

43- The stage is set for your return. Welcome home!

44- Come on in, the more the merrier!

45- Time to get this show on the road – welcome back!

46- We saved a spot just for you – welcome home!

47- Gather round everyone, our friend is back!

48- Welcome back to the neighborhood!

49- The crew is complete with your return.

50- Welcome home, we missed you!

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