30 Funny Ways to Say Home Run

Funny Ways to Say Home Run

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Home Run:

  1. Skyrocket Special!
  2. Moonshot Madness!
  3. That ball’s got a boarding pass!
  4. Homer-tastic!
  5. Gone-zo in the end zone-o!
  6. Spaceball One!
  7. Parking lot surprise!
  8. Orbit invitation!
  9. Sayonara, sphere!
  10. That’s a cloud tickler!
  11. UFO: Unbelievable Flying Object!
  12. Galactic goodbye!
  13. Zoom-room boomer!
  14. Heavenly heave!
  15. Star-kissed swinger!
  16. That ball’s taking a vacation!
  17. Outta here, atmosphere!
  18. Look Ma, no gravity!
  19. It’s an air affair!
  20. Ball’s going on a world tour!
  21. Satellite send-off!
  22. Catch that on your radar!
  23. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…gone!
  24. Adios, altimeter!
  25. Atmosphere annihilator!
  26. That ball’s seeking cloud citizenship!
  27. Uppercut to the universe!
  28. See ya in another zip code!
  29. Over the rainbow and through the woods!
  30. Spherical space explorer!


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Funny Ways to Say Home Run